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I'm an anime nut!  I also enjoy Bowling, Zelda Classic, Mugen, Lets Playing, among other stuff.  

I have a Twitter too!  Check me out & follow me if you'd like: @TopKirby8305 (Mahoro avy)

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Ellogegamer Dec 23, 2016

I wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :)

LetsGetCherryPie Dec 14, 2016

Hello! Nice to meet you TK, I'm Cat. 

Thank you for following me! I'm pretty sure I followed you back, but if I didn't, just let me know!

Kitania Dec 11, 2016

I have recently been able to catch up on a bit of anime and start a few new ones as well.

OkamiOtaku7 Dec 10, 2016

no problem!! I hope we can be friends

ozsia Dec 9, 2016

How strange ^^".

Cool haha. Er, well I'm still updating my profile so a lot more than it seems like but I couldn't tell you how many exactly until I've finished  going through anime-planet. I started with Dororo not even knowing what manga was since the entre series (three volumes I think) was a gift. I've been obbessed since (many people regret that introduction). To make it easier, on the top of my head, my favourite animes/ mangas are: Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Fullmetal Alchemist/ Brother, ERASED, Magi, Merry Yumekui, Noragami, Nurarihyon no Mago, My Hero Axademia and Iazuma Eleven. And thats a long short list XP. Sorry 'bout that haha. 

What about you? And are there any that I've mentioined that you've seen too and do you like them? No worries if not, I love knowing people's opinions on stuff like this! :).