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I'm an anime nut!  I also enjoy Bowling, Zelda Classic, Mugen, Lets Playing, among other stuff.  

I have a Twitter too!  Check me out & follow me if you'd like: @TopKirby8305 (Mahoro avy)

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ShoumaTaka Aug 28, 2016

Hey Hey!  (: Was snooping on here * like I usually do haha* , but anyways let me introduce myself I am YonYon & I love anime I'm like a huge fan as you can see I've watched 290+ anime,  anyways what is your favorite genre and anime you've watched?  (: 💓

Larkawolfgirl Aug 28, 2016

Oh, hi there :D

Hmm, well I just moved and got a job. But my job situation got really weird? I got offered a job but I was waiting to hear back about another, so I told them I would wait to reply. But then I never heard back so I told the other job I would take it, but I had to wait a week before I could talk to the manager. Now I just started and I got a reply from the job I was originally waiting to hear back from lol. So things are a bit hectic to say the least. 

What about you? I hope your life is more stable.

As for geeky stuff, I just finished watching Wolf Girl and Black Prince, which was pretty good. I have to say the best anime I've seen lately, though, are The World is Still Beautiful and Re Zero. I've also been meaning to read more Bleach since it just ended, but I haven't gotten around to it. Instead I've just been reading some of my ongoing manga that was updated (like 19 Tian, Tamen de Guchi, and IS). I write a bunch of fanfic, but this last week or so I've been hopping around and completing nothing lol. Do you write fic or make amvs or anything? I used to make amvs but gave it up now since it takes so much time and effort, and writing is more of a passion for me.

You like Zelda? I borrowed my friend's Skyward Sword cause I've never played one, but I think I'm gonna stop and just watch a walkthrough because I got so mad at it last night. Honestly, I get the most angry ever when I get stuck on games. Especially when I spend forever playing without making any progress. The fact that it is on wii doesn't help, etiher.

sewn Aug 28, 2016


Nice to meet you, how are you?

Watching anything interesting lately?

Rouji Aug 28, 2016

Hi there, TK8305, I can only ask what happened to the other 8304 TKs? :( I hope they are safe and sound.

I'm Rectatoni but you can call me Rec for short, it's a pleasure meeting you, fellow anime lover.

aryandil Aug 28, 2016

Hi TK! I actually prefer to be called Ary but Aryan works fine! Followed you back ;)

So what's your fav anime? (Just trying to break the ice lol)