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I'm an anime nut!  I also enjoy Bowling, Zelda Classic, Mugen, Lets Playing, among other stuff.  

I have a Twitter too!  Check me out & follow me if you'd like: @TopKirby8305 (Mahoro avy)

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ShoumaTaka Aug 29, 2016

No sorry:( I don't have a twitter x just a tumblr!  ♡

I'm not into social media at all like others,  you can always contact me on AnimePlanet though,  I'm here 24/7 

sewn Aug 29, 2016

And no, sorry. I don't have a twitter. :c

sewn Aug 29, 2016

Shweet thanks!  Anyways, hope all your school stuff goes well so that you can indulge in more anime soon.  :3

Btw, have a Twitter?  o_O;

No problem.

Thanks. ^_- I hope so too, aswell. I want to get more into anime, because I haven't been watching it for too long, and I know there are so many great animes out there I would like to watch.

Larkawolfgirl Aug 29, 2016

I do, but I don't use it. I actually have three of them and don't even remember the log in for any of them xD Do you have a tumblr? That is my social media of choice.

sewn Aug 29, 2016

I'm good!  Currently watching Dog Days" and finished High School DxD BoRn earlier.  Also caught up on Rezero.  hehe...

How are you?  Also followed ya on here!  Hope you can back!  :)

Nice. I've heard a lot about Re:zero. I'm planning on watching it after I finish a couple I am watching right now. ^_-

I'm pretty good, thanks. I'm trying not to let anime distract me from my schoolwork and studying, but it's all good. :p

Thanks for following me, I'm following you back!