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AngelBeatsYui Nov 14, 2016

Hey TK, feel free to just call me Yui XD

Nice to meet you xx I've followed you back.

As for what's up, honestly nothing much...just anime watching and school work XD How about you?

Sianeka Nov 14, 2016

TK8305 says...  Heya Sianeka!  Hope you are doing well!  Btw, hope you'll follow me on Twitter.  Would love to connect with ya on there as well!

I'm sorry, I hardly ever use Twitter.  But I think I found you there, and am now following you (I hope!!)  But leave me a comment here anytime and I'm sure I'll see it and respond!!!

Have a great anime day! *smile*

madmick Nov 14, 2016

Thanks for following me, I follow you back ^_^

sakurahearts Nov 13, 2016

Nothing much. What are you up to?

SakuraBell Nov 13, 2016

Heya TK i am a major anime fan i followed you back too :)

what animes are you into right now?