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blitzburns4 Dec 8, 2016

Hey TK,

Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the follow, and that it's good to meet you! I hope you enjoy my writings and I look forward to following your opinions/ratings as well. 

- Blitzburns4

ozsia Dec 8, 2016

Haha hello! I'd say we'd have something in common than! I'm sort of new here - though my profile probably gave that away - and don't understand what a 'follow' does on a site like anime-planet? 


OddJobProdigy Dec 8, 2016

Nice to meet you bro, i followed you :)

Sianeka Dec 4, 2016

TK8305 says...  Heya Sianeka!  I'm good!  Don't see a follow from you on Twitter yet but I followed you though!  :)   Hope your November has been great!

Apologies for my late reply...  

I must've done it wrong then. *sad*  I admit I rarely use Twitter and am not really familiar with using the site...  But I found a TK8305 there and Twitter says I'm following.  So, if you can tell me what I did wrong, I can try to fix it...

How has your holiday season been so far?

ONIAL Nov 28, 2016

Hello TK8305!

How are you? Btw, thank you for following me. :) I followed you back as well. :3