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iwawan Aug 29, 2016

what's *damn autocorrect

iwawan Aug 29, 2016

Hellooow TK so sweet that you follow me I feel honored. 🍭

I'm fine I'm in school and study.  hats going on with you? :3

ShoumaTaka Aug 29, 2016

No sorry:( I don't have a twitter x just a tumblr!  ♡

I'm not into social media at all like others,  you can always contact me on AnimePlanet though,  I'm here 24/7 

SEWN Aug 29, 2016

And no, sorry. I don't have a twitter. :c

SEWN Aug 29, 2016

Shweet thanks!  Anyways, hope all your school stuff goes well so that you can indulge in more anime soon.  :3

Btw, have a Twitter?  o_O;

No problem.

Thanks. ^_- I hope so too, aswell. I want to get more into anime, because I haven't been watching it for too long, and I know there are so many great animes out there I would like to watch.