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KillLaKill1007 Feb 22, 2017


Sorry about the delay I've been busy at school. 

So what have you been watching lately?

Frogkun Jan 20, 2017

Thanks for the follow! I've followed you back. I like your taste in anime girls

heathway Jan 13, 2017

Nice :). (yeah i have nothing to say since it's the middle of the night)

heathway Jan 3, 2017

You're pleasure. ^_^

Ahh damn I don't remember what I was even watching Dx

Hmm... Probablyyy... Twin Star Exorcists? Watching too many dramas...

What are you watching right now? :)

(btw sorry for a late response and I wish you a happy new year!)

MinnieHeichou Dec 26, 2016

Hey! Merry Christmas to you too <3

And thanks for the follow, i follow back ^.^