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sewn Nov 7, 2016

You should watch Umaru-chan!  You'll fall in love with it after Ep 1.  I did!  xD


I'll look into it, thanks. :P 

Is it one of your favorites?

SaberHikari Nov 5, 2016

Good! :D

I'm watching Mahou Sensou! And you?

SaberHikari Nov 5, 2016

Hello how are you!

Of course i follow you back

and thanks for following me!

frankstleBilly Nov 5, 2016

I'm also doing well thanks. ^^ Been watching some Mawaru Penguindrum and World Trigger lately. :P

Are you enjoying the shows you're watching? :3

frankstleBilly Nov 4, 2016

Hello! How are you doing? :3