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tudmonk May 25, 2011

no i cant say i have yet. im watching alot of anime's at the same i will see whats about. and no plz dont spam me with the overhyped shit like naruto and bleach. i will just facepalm you to dead then lol. and YES he is insanely dense. bit to dense that kinda ruined the serie... bleh besides laura is like one of my favorite all time chars or atleast in my top 10 that is !. ofcourse there are good and bad things in her. but she seems cool none the less ! :D and i never heared of K-on so far i think ? im actualy in the midst of season 2 of senoku basara and Kanakon how about you ?


cheers T.J

tudmonk May 25, 2011

but im more a bendable person when it comes to people. its not that i just random rate and dislike people. i watch the serie. if i could relate to there problems. or how honest they are. even when they where in the wrong. if they where right and just i would just find them good :). like laura bodewig. she turned from bad to good. because of her strain that she had because she wanted to live to somebody exspectations. rather then being on her. thats why the change of heart made me cross the love rather then hate ;)



tudmonk May 25, 2011

yes i do in fact i dislike people that act sifferent from they really are . charles is like that. + disslikes crossdressers :p

tudmonk May 23, 2011

welll not really :D we can go without friends can we not? ofcourse not ! :D


so happy to becomming friends buddy :D


hope you watch tons of anime ;)


tudmonk May 22, 2011

Bam we became friends lol :D