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My name is Przemyslaw, and I'm from Poland. You don't know where is Poland? Yes it is in Asia... But for really now. Poland is in Eastern Europe and is bordering i.e. with Germany.

I watched my first anime, when I was... four? five? Title of this anime was Captain Daimos. It was broadcasting on the canal named Polonia 1. When I growed up two another canals had started to broadcast anime. Polsat (name of canal) was broadcasting Pokemon, Beyblade, Yugi-Oh and RTL7 was broadcasting Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and GT, Yaiba, Saint Seiya.

And I stopped to watch anime for six years. When I was thirteen I found something named "Naruto" so I started to watch it. I was searching for another anime and this is how I reached current status.

I have got hope that I won't stop to watch anime for many years.

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sothis Feb 3, 2008

Love the avatar! And welcome to the site ^_^

Eonir Jan 2, 2008

Hi there.

Thanks for showing me this site, it's quite useful, you know.

I noticed you've been spending more time on anime than me lately. Thus you have a bit longer red line up there. However, nowadays there is a load of series that have no value and don't deserve wasting time on watching them. 10 years ago Quantity was something absent.

Now, the Quality has become deficient. So I hope you'll concentrate on worthy series that hold a true value and bring enjoyment :D

Oh my, quite a sophisticated comment... I got too serious all of a sudden :D

By the way: Great signature xD

See Ya!