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Blade of the Immortal

Mar 4, 2020

  Wow. It's no exaggeration when I say that I can't remember the last time I read a manga that I loved so immediately from beginning to end.Or one so beautiful artisically. Seriously, the artwork is STUNNING. You can tell the art style changes, too, although subtly. It starts off very intriqutely shaded, but as the story progresses because a bit more sketch-esque. Both are fantastic in their own rights and fit the style flawlessly. 

  The characters are immediately interesting, and all of them get personal growth and development. The relationship that blooms between Manji and Rin is realistic, too. It's something sweet and pure admist the characters own plauging thoughts of revenge and the mental weight of burden. Both of them, in certain ways, needed someone to cling to. 

  The fight scenes are also incredible. There's captivating death scenes, and you can clearly tell that the fights were well thought out in advance.

    There is also A LOT of graphic body horror, so if that's a deal breaker for you, be warned now. It can be pretty explicit at times, especially in the case of the character Shira, who sexually assaults people as "punishment" ranging anywhere from geishas to young boys. So, heads up in that department as well, since some of it is pretty brutal. It is eyeopening though, in regards to the Edo era, and some of the realistic dangers that people faced back then as travelers, or hired weapons, or even just as messengers. 

   The plot is excellent though, all things concidered. And it really brings into light the themes of revenge, and what a toll it can take on a person. It introduces aspects like : Is revenge worth it? Does extracting revenge change anything? Does it bring peace? Does revenge only contribute to an unending cycle of more revenge? Is it worth sacrificing years of your life in order to act upon it? 

   It also opens up questions about ethics and morality. Especially in the case of Anotsu Kagehisa, the antagonist. He does many things that could be considered morally grey, but is he truly a man without morals? Are the sacrifices he makes in his own morality justified by his ideals for the future? Is Rin morally corrupt for her murder-revenge plot? Or is it justified because of the wrong-doings eh was subjected to? What about Hyakurin? Or Renzo? 

   I also trly enjoyed Rin and Kagehisa's relationship. By all means Rin should hate him, but his words continously weigh heavy on her mind, and on her heart. Blade of the Immortal is a story where even in death, and even in murder, bonds can be forged.

Honestly an incredible read. Do yourself a favor by experiencing it.

9/10 story
10/10 art
9/10 characters
9.5/10 overall
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