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Having been a huge kenshin fan I obviously had to watch the newest version especially when it's on the best story arc (in my opinion) in the series.

unfortunately this was a terrible retelling of the story and is absolurely awful. If you enjoyed rurouni kenshin the series, you will be disappointed. If someone who is completely new to the series watches this first, it might destroy any chance of watching anythingggggg else regarding it. The animation is new and pretty but that's about it.

To keep this short.

All the fight scenes last literally about 3 minutes. (I know the whole this is only about 2 and a half hours all together but really? They can at least have some meaningful fights)

All backstory on juppongatana has been removed. Along with more than half of them not existing.

there are only 7 fights or less.

Everything ends on "The Purgatory"

There isn't really any struggle with Kenshin fighting anyone. Easy fights 

Save yourself time and fond memories of this series and skip this retelling.

1/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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Kintoista Sep 7, 2015

I would say not even THAT pretty an animation. It looks more... "new". But that's about it. The backgrounds are better but the movements don't have the original energy and detail. The black lines (or vectors or whatever) outlining the characters are WAY too thick compared to the detail and softness of the backgrounds. It feels off. They're so thick most character's eyes look liveless and weirdly shaped. 

Kenshin's eyes lack life, even detail and form. (ugh. I still blame half of it to the line thickness, the rest is just that it's poorly done). The original version had SO much emotion!! In it the faces were so well drawn and the emotions so well expressed that they were able to show difficult emotions like resolve, disappointment, thoughtfulness etc. The new animations would not be able to achieve that even in a tiny of tiniest percents.

I couldn't watch more than 10 mins without skipping parts to see if at least the battles were worth the time....... they're not. They lack emotion like the rest of it and they lack the original Kenshin.

I endured until min 26 skipping parts. NOT a worthy "short remake" or whatever this was supposed to be. Def not something I would recommend. The original is AMAZING. This is quite literally crap, next to it. Wouldn't have even watched the series itself if the story, animation and character development had been like this either so... yeah, I totally agree with your 2 for the overall grade.  Terrible, terrible... TERRIBLE version.