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Hi, this is my Bio, I really have no idea what to write here so Ima just write a tiny list about me 

Likes: anime, friends, sleep 

Dislikes: Seafood and SASUKE

Hobbies: reading, drawing and watching anime

Age: 13 almost 14

Fav colour: Light blue

Fav food: Duck/sasuke, cake, candy, all stuff sweet

Fav anime: Magi, Owari No Seraph

Least fav anime: Sword art online, especially Elfen Lied

Fav anime character: Mikael Hyakuya aka Mika

Least fav anime character: SASUGAY UCHIHO

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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OddJobProdigy Oct 9, 2015

Hi my name is Blake aka OddJobProdigy13 and me aswell as the rest of the WECO Club would like to offcially welcome you to Anime-Planet. This website has built a friendly community that loves anime just like you, that's why this is such a great place to meet awesome new people. There is so much to do like create a bio, follow people and get follows, even join a club just like the one i'm in :). This is honestly the kindest website i have ever been to and i know you will think so to. So kick back and relax cause remember the most important thing to do on this site is to have fun and maybe even make new friends like me ;). So if you have any questions about this site or anime....or anything lol, then feel free to text me any time. I hope you enjoy your stay here and one more time, Welcome to Anime Planet :)

Thank you for reading ;)