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Flying Witch

Oct 19, 2019

While at first you may think this is just another slice of life anime, well for me compared to other slice of life anime's this is pretty unique as it breaks several cliche's that we see not just in slice of life anime but in all anime in general.
Here are some reasons.

-Both parents have active roles in this series compared to the typical where they are missing or died or at work. we see our characters interact with them in their daily lives.
- It's not High school-centric where most of the scenes are set in a school. no school clubs, school festival etc. we see our characters on how they spend their everyday life and that's it. we also see our MC Makoto do some witch stuff though i think we could have seen more.
-There are are no romantic buildups here, no childhood friend promises or jealousy, they closest one you can get is Kei saying that Inukai might be his type. not to mention like in a typical anime girls always wonders what their guy is doing right now. it's not the case here in flying witch.
Makoto and Nao can interact with each other without thinking about Kei.
-There's no fanservice. no panty shots beach episodes or ecchi scenes.
The only thing i hoped for for this anime is that I wish they could have shown us more about the witch stuff.
-The setting is also unique, since unlike what we in anime set typical countryside. where witches and occult stuffs are treated like a bad luck. that's not a case here. Makoto is a witch and everybody knows and accepts it. they also had some few supernatural things going like the Whale who flies. the hidden cafe shop etc..

When it comes to the characters, yes they all have active roles in which i like, they are not your typical characters, for instances Chinatsu is not your sis-con loli, Kei is not your charismatic brother, he just works and helps the family. the only cliche character here is probably Akane where we typically see the hyperactive big sister. i just wish we could have also seen more of the harbringer and Anzu.

The Sound and the Art is nice it's refreshing. the opening was nice and so as the mandrake. the transitions from slice of life to comedy was well done and so as the facial expressions.

overall if you want to relax, then watch this anime and thank me afterwards.

9/10 story
10/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall

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