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ChibiHime Jun 13, 2010

im ok! i found u thru sissys account and i wanted to say hi hi! how ru? :P

ChibiHime Jun 13, 2010

hi sunny-chan! its rah rah! :P

HikaruTenshi Jun 1, 2010

Your avatar is very kawaii. ^_^


MissMoonShine May 30, 2010

I didn't kill him with Cardia....I just removed the Cardia....which kinda killed him >.>I and idk, I have a pattern I guess. I log on early and go onto Shelferi, edit things there. Then I mess around until late at night, then I come on here, and do some character modding....I think it's because I feel guilty for not doing things through-out the day....

MissMoonShine May 28, 2010

*can't stop laughing because of your comment*

God...I need sleep, I shouldn't be on here doing stuff XDAnd you're welcome <3