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ChibiHime Jun 14, 2010

he was usually just joking, but now....T.T

ChibiHime Jun 14, 2010

*sigh* yoso....hes been really mean lately...

i say ppl are meanies all the time, but im just being cute with them. yoso....well hes done some harmful damage to my self-confidence lately...

im trying to avoid talking to him as much as possible 

ChibiHime Jun 14, 2010

lol ya. i used to, but havent really talked much lately, but when we first met i always talked about u and sissy. and when weeping came on i talked about her too XD

lol now its mostly alex and yoso(not sure y i talk about

ChibiHime Jun 14, 2010

lol totally. ere-chan is always making fun of me cuz she says i have 2 lifes. XD

and i talk about my online one a lot at school, but basically every1 knows about all my friends at jd lol

ChibiHime Jun 14, 2010

oooooooooo! that sounds fun! ^.^

i had one a while ago and i might have one this weekend. ere-chan? do u know her from the forums? also fox with wings...both are my friends irl :)