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lacinserraates Jul 6, 2015

Hey there, 

Thank you for welcoming me :D I woul like to recommend you 'Tokyo Ghoul'. It is my favourite anime so far and I really like the opening of it :)

Tohdoh Jul 6, 2015

Sure, I will ask! :)

donteatmepls Jul 6, 2015

Thank you very much! :)

Sianeka Jul 6, 2015

liamb1996 says...  I do have a forum account but stay away as im not too good with forums. To be honest, I may just stay as a friendly user who greets rather than being advertised as a greeter or WECO. If anything goes wrong, I would hate myself for it, so Ill keep ym nose out. I thank for the offers though, but after some consideration and thought, It might be best this way :)

I'm not sure I understand your fears, or what you think might go wrong, but I'll not pressure you into anything you are not comfortable doing.  You can always sign up as a Greeter in the future if you change your mind. 

(There are currently almost 70 Greeters in the club, and they are all pretty friendly people and I think you could fit in nicely.  Maybe if you have concerns you can contact them and ask them questions about their experiences as WECO Greeters. Here is the list of them here in case you wish to contact some of them.)

SkyJay Jul 6, 2015

Hey Thanks for the warm welcome...