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SkyJay Jul 6, 2015

Thanks again. oh and i contacted you via skype I don't know if you receved my message

aictopus Jul 6, 2015

Thanx for the welcome. I just headed over here from MAL and I really like AP so far.

lacinserraates Jul 6, 2015

I've never heard of Berserk, but I will consider your recommendation :D Morevover, I agree with you about Tokyo Ghoul, first season and the concept of the anime is very interesting, however, second season didn't fulfill my expectations. Yet, I am looking forward for season three :D

kazar4 Jul 6, 2015

Just Wondering is the Character on your wallpaper from an anime if it is could you tell me which one the character seems nostlogic for some reason

MelodicDream23 Jul 6, 2015

Thank you for sending me my first comment! If I will indefinitly contact you when I have a question.  :)