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lindapearl Jul 11, 2015

I never know that. But I'm fine with the ending so I don't see what wrong with it being cut short

Thank you for the follow

aictopus Jul 10, 2015

I never watch anime just because my friends watch it unless they beg me to. Haha. My friends forced me to watch an episode of Nozaki-kun and I hated it and I told them so. It was so boring to me I could cry. But I did give it a try since they wanted me to.

lindapearl Jul 10, 2015

Another reason why the show have been cut to 12 may be because that show is having little views so they are not making much money of it.

lindapearl Jul 10, 2015

I thought the reason for animes being so short is because it quicker to finish airing. The anime being short is okay. What annoying is that the manga can be nearly 100+ chapters but still have 12-24 episode with no second season. Because of this the plot is greatly cut short or changed. A little change between the anime and manga is fine but not to the point where some characters get cut off and because of the huge change in plot the main characters seems different than the manga.

Sorry, if this comment seem long.

aictopus Jul 10, 2015

Ah, I'm always up for giving something a chance. I have a lot of friends who are really into Haikyuu so it might be a bit awkward for me suddenly trying it but you never know.