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Jollychap Aug 3, 2015

I happened to see both of your reviews for Charlotte on both A-P and Crunchyroll. Decided to look at your profile (Still not too sure why) and you seem to be a cool guy. Plus who could resist a username like "SugarTitSenpai"?

 So hey nice to meet you, I'm JollyChap of the intenet and I too enjoy to talk anime on the occasion.

satonishiki Jul 22, 2015

Hello! I hope you have been enjoying your time on A-P!

aictopus Jul 14, 2015

She's definitely not the usual mom type. Haha.

aictopus Jul 13, 2015

My mom has always liked anime, but she started getting really into it almost 9 years ago when I informed her of the ability watch anime online. Haha......

aictopus Jul 11, 2015

Omg, I don't have anyone living near me, so we all have to talk online too. Everyone basically moved away from me many years ago, or I moved. My younger sister who is 19 is the only one I really talk to about anime who is local to me, other than my mom which is one of those really weird moms who is addicted to watching anime and asian dramas along with listening to jpop and kpop.