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Konnichiwa! My name is someone that needs help (or stnh as you know me by) and I'm a passionate anime fan. I've been watching anime for two years in march of 2021, the anime that got me into anime was Naruto and I'm always on the lookout for the next great series to add to my ever-growing list of favorites.

I'm a big fan of action and adventure anime, with shows like Naruto, One Piece,and Jojo's Bizzare Adventures some of my top picks. I love the excitement and thrill of these kinds of anime, and the way they keep me on the edge of my seat.

But I'm not just limited to action anime - I also enjoy watching romance, drama, and slice-of-life series, such as Your Lie in April, Anohana, and Toradora. These shows tug at my heartstrings and make me feel all kinds of emotions.

I'm also a huge fan of the animation style in anime. I love how vibrant and colorful the characters and backgrounds are, and how they can convey so much through subtle movements and expressions.

In addition to anime, I also enjoy reading manga and light novels. Some of my favorite manga series include One Piece, Chainsaw Man, and Death Note. I love how the artwork in manga can really bring the story to life and make it feel even more immersive.

When I'm not watching anime or reading manga, I like to play video games and listen to J-pop and anime music. I'm always looking for new recommendations, so feel free to send me your favorite anime, manga, or music suggestions!

Let's connect and geek out over our shared love of anime!" 
my rating system: 

5 - Masterpiece: An anime that is truly exceptional in every aspect, from the story and characters to the animation and soundtrack. It leaves a lasting impact on the viewer and is a must-watch for any anime fan.

4.5 - Excellent: An anime that is near-perfect and is definitely worth watching. It may have a few minor flaws, but overall, it's a great series that stands out among other anime.

4 - Very Good: An anime that is enjoyable and well-made, with a good story and engaging characters. It may not be a groundbreaking series, but it's definitely worth checking out.

3.5  -  Good: An anime that is solid and entertaining, with decent characters and a decent storyline. It may not be the best anime out there, but it's still a good series that's worth watching.

3 - Above Average: An anime that has some flaws but is still enjoyable to watch. It may have some issues with pacing or character development, but overall, it's a decent series.

2.5 - Average: An anime that is neither particularly good nor bad. It may have some redeeming qualities, but overall, it's a forgettable series that doesn't stand out.

2 - Below Average: An anime that has some major flaws and may not be worth watching. It may have a weak storyline or uninteresting characters, and is generally a disappointing series.

1.5 - Poor: An anime that is poorly made and not worth watching. It may have a confusing storyline or poorly developed characters, and is generally a waste of time.

1 - Very Poor: An anime that is almost unwatchable due to its many flaws. It may have terrible animation or a nonsensical storyline, and is generally a terrible series.

.5 - Appalling: An anime that is so bad that it's offensive. It may have offensive content or be outright terrible in every aspect, and is generally a series to avoid at all costs. 

Top five: 

One Piece 


Jojo's Bizarre Adventures 

Vinland saga 

Your Lie in April

I like subs and dubs 

100th anime: bakemonogatari 

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Aurora3500 May 15, 2023

Oh yes! I am currently in the Thriller Bark arc myself for One Piece. It is one of my favorite arcs as well. It actually feels like a close tie to Alabasta and Enies Lobby even though I haven't finished Thriller Bark yet. Actually wasn't aware it was considered a hated arc. I do agree it is one of the best arcs in the show from what I've seen so far. Its more enjoyable knowing that Robin is here to stay with the Straw Hat Crew for good now.

Had to put One Piece on hold for now unfortunately because Hulu where I was watching it removed a large portion of the episodes I was watching. Not sure why they did that but it is annoying.

I enjoy the atomsphere of the island pirate ship and Gecko Moria and his subordinates are very entertaining. I think where I left off it was getting very good as well, but I did get sidetracked with other shows. 

Actually started rewatching Demon Slayer with the goal of refereshing my memory for Seasons 2 & 3. And it is better than I remember the 1st time watching it.

Have heard good things about Konosuba. I am a bit skeptical with isekai anime in general. I think its because I prefer pure fantasy stories where the characters are in a different world and it doesn't involve someone from the real world entering a fantasy world. With some isekai I can be convinced to make exceptions for a few, but I do want to be careful with them.

Also facing a horrible temptation to rewatch Code Geass yet again (which would be at least 6 or 8 times I've rewatched all of Code Geass) Trying to resist that since there is a lot more new anime I want to watch.

Aurora3500 May 8, 2023

Hello Stnh! How have you been?

For Vinland Saga, I have been enjoying it. Feels like overall it is the beginning of Thorfinn's spiritual healing after years of trying to get revenge for his father and having to revaluate what it means to live. Einar has been a great support in that regard and I'm hoping Thorfinn and Einar can escape from that farm before Canute comes to conquer that land. Loving Thorfinn's development throughout this season.

I was very sad from the most recent episode. Not sure if you're caught up to the most recent episode but there was a very tragic character death. I anticipate things will get more intense on the farm very soon.

Aside from Vinland Saga, I've watched and finished Kimi Ni Todoke recently and really liked that. One of the best romantic comedies I've seen.

Discovered another anime called Heavenly Delusion and have good impressions of it so far. It has themes that interest me.

And then I also discovered a Manga called The Apothecary Diaries no too long ago as well and I have been addicted to reading that. Also to prepare for the anime to come later this year.

Watch any anime that stood out to you greatly recently?

thegirlontheclouds May 5, 2023

I know right? It's so stupid ngl

thegirlontheclouds May 4, 2023

Actually, me too, but someone on the internet said it was just a little more darker than the other cheerful openings and that's apparently why so many people hate on it. To be honest, I think that's such a stupid reason though