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My OC Ellen In Ronin Attire

(My OC Ellen In Ronin Attire)


Hi Im Stimpak (also seen around as StimpakSociety)

Welcome To My Anime Planet Profile!


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 I've recently graduated my VFX course in University, in my spare time I enjoy playing lots of video games, and chilling with both Anime and (more recently) Manga.


Feel free to look through some of my CG work below, and also stay a while to check out what sort of anime and manga I watch and read! If you like what you see feel free to follow me and i'll certainly come and check out your profile too.


(Post Apocalyptic Crank Gun)


Rukias Sword Bleach

(Rukia's Sode no Shirayuki)


Model Of Ikkakus Naginata

(Ikkaku's Hozukimaru)


(Berserk Deluxe Edition Volume 1)


The Maw

(The Maw, From The Game 'The Maw')


(Doctor Eggman's Animal Cage From Sonic)



(Chainsword From The Warhammer 40k Universe)


OLL Logo

(A 3D Version Of The Logo For The Local Gaming Cafe

In My Area)


Picnic Boat

(Picnic Boat)


Bird Table

(My Garden Bird Table)


(Cabinet Designed For Use On A Ship)


Grandpas Cabinet

(A Cabinet That My Grandpa Owned)



(A Roomba)


Twisted Strawberry

(Twisted Strawberry Flavour Cola)


 - Some More Information About Me Based On The 'Introduce Yourself' Forum Thread -


- How did you get into anime? -

Hmm this is a hard one to exactly remember, but I started getting big into anime after watching S1 of Attack On Titan (pretty generic way to get into anime I know xD). I had seen stuff around before then, but I never properly sat down and watched any of it. AoT really got me hooked though.

- What's your favorite genres/styles? -

Anime genres I usually watch are things that are very heavily action based (shonen type stuff), comedy based anime, and finally horror. I do watch everything in between all of these at times, but those are definitely the main ones. This also applies to my manga preferences as well.

- What are your all time favorites (anime or manga)? -

So my favorites at the moment include: JoJo, Bleach, Psycho Pass, AoT, Berserk, Sakamoto, Mononoke, and Naruto.

- What are your hobbies? (besides anime!) -

As previously mentioned im currently learning 3D modelling (as well as general VFX) at university, and I hope to be a 3D modelling artist in the future. Besides 3D modelling I play alot of video games, you can find me as Stimpak Society on Steam, where I play most of my games. I also pick up Nintendo exclusive titles on the Switch when they get released.

- What's your favorite non-anime movie? -

Noting a specific movie is difficult as I have seen many many movies at this point, but I love pretty much everything by Quentin Tarantino, so select a movie by him and I'll probably say I love it.

- How did you hear about Anime-Planet? -

I heard about anime planet from my girlfriend back in 2018 (when I joined the site), I could never have imagined how helpful it would be to me. Keeping track of everything i've watched and read is extremely useful, plus I love taking part in the anime and manga watching and reading challenges these days too.


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