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OpheliaStorm Nov 25, 2018

Please don't give the troll the pleasure of your response. I'm a Higurashi junkie and I, too, am welcome to a well thought out alternative perspective. If you want a mature discussion, don't hesitate to call upon me. 

karley Nov 22, 2017

holy shit, you are beyond retarded lmfao if you actually think higurashi or denpa was made to bait ~adolecent males~ into watching then you're probably the most self obsessed, egocentric loser to exist. the fan service in denpa, for the most part, actually contributes to the plot and character growth, unlike shit like highschool dxd. denpa never portrays itself in a way even similar to what you described. perhaps your clear delusional disorder has been acting up again?

Aylia Aug 17, 2013

You didn't express yourself clearly enough so I misunderstood. The way you phrased it looked like you assigned execution with a negative connotation.

All characters follow a script, they wouldn't function otherwise. Part of a good story is not just being able to interpret and predict but to see how they react. We reward good writing if a character acts in a manner we expect them to. When they do something completely unexpected of their personality and their situation it becomes tedious and misleading. That's not saying that surprising events are prohibited in my enjoyment - I'm not complacent for the comforts of the commonplace; Hamlet is one of my favourite literary characters who is constantly surprising the audience. But Hamlet never acts out of character, he never forgot who he was and every action was believable.

As an audience we have an omniscient viewpoint in which, with good writing, we get to see every facet of development, so we're privy to information not even other characters are. Harry was greedy and power-hungry, a very human reaction to being granted almost limitless power, but he cared about those close to him. So I knew that when his wife died he'd go off the tracks and realize what he'd done to Brandon. He came down off his throne for an old friendship; not many of Harry's archetype would have done, which is what I consider a very noble act. Cliche? Sure. But it worked.

The execution you speak of briefly is to do with art style and sound, which aren't a part of the execution of a story. Action is execution. Brandon was a nice character, he wasn't intelligent but he never pretended otherwise and was very humble for it. It made it all the more tragic that he implicitly trusted Harry, only to be betrayed.

If you hated it so much, why bother finishing it? Just so you could write something vitriolic for the sake of venting? I'll also say that I think your rating system is stupid. Why not rate something on your personal experience, rather than comparing to everyone elses? Steins;Gate is ranked in the top three, so you automatically feel the need to discredit it, giving it an unfair rating? It's like me rating a book on Amazon 1 star because I don't agree with all the 5 star ratings, even though I thought it deserved 3 or 4 at the most. Why don't you just rate indicative of your impression instead of being an ass about it?

Aylia Aug 17, 2013

That you think a story is inherently bad because it uses ideas from other literature is absurd. Romeo & Juliet, quite possibly one of the greatest love stories ever, copied Ovid's Pyramus and Thisbe. Knowing that now, does that impugn Romeo & Juliet as the lesser and, therefore, not worth reading? Some of the best movies in cinematic history have all followed used formulas and have managed to become something greater than their original inspiration. But by your standards that doesn't matter, because they used elements of other stories so they're intrinsically bad.

Recycling old concepts isn't something new, and what is important to the quality of a story is how that concept is allowed to evolve. This is something Gungrave does remarkably well with the foundation it built. Why do I like it? Because the characters are unique, despite being built on an archetype they are written as individuals and given their own personality, so that I can point them out in a crowd and name them, independent of their literary counterparts.

Everything you have rated highly in your list has followed one archetype or another, and borrowed elements of storytelling from antiquity. If you analyse any anime liberated of its plot and characters you'll find a consistency of similar elements to many other stories. For example, Darker Than Black's magic system is something quite common to anime, and there are plenty of stories involving a quiet main guy that turns out to be an assassin. Because you place zero value in execution it should follow that Darker Than Black and every other decent anime be rated low by you. The simple fact that you haven't is proof that you enjoyed the execution (it is execution that allows a story to progress, characters to blossom and learn and change - without it everything is just a set of ideas written in a notebook somewhere). Without executionm there is no story.

You judge something at face value, you read a book jaded by dishonesty and, as such, skim over the details and nuances. You don't get to feel the flow of the story because you're ignoring important narrative. If you can honestly tell me that execution doesn't matter then you don't understand a thing about story-telling, and you shouldn't be reviewing anything on a public forum where you can mislead people.

MichelleMeex Jun 11, 2011

Hey :)

Thank you for your comment, I started rei 2 days ago ( and you are right, the first ep really was ridiculous). But although it has a totally different atmosphere I like watching it.

I want to thank you for your opinion and if you know any other good anime just let me know ^^