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Changed my rating structure

0.5-2.5 = Terrible to Below Average

3-3.5 = Decent to Quite Good

4-4.5 = Great to Exceptional

5 = Masterpiece 

I judge anime in two main ways.

Firstly, from a technical perspective, judging the animation, OST, voice acting, characters, plot and etc, was it done well.

Secondly, how enjoyable or good each episode was overall and/or how good the buildup and conclusion was.

Some anime possess impressive features but the majority of episodes were uninteresting. I'd rather watch something slightly worse where every episode is fun and interesting or if the buildup and payoff for the story is striking, that's also important. Obviously, there's personal bias with preferences. I do try to judge an anime for what it is. I don't expect a comedy to have the greatest OST or animation, if it was very funny and entertaining then I give it a high rating, etc. 

I don't expect many ratings less than 2 because I don't rate anime that I drop and I usually don't finish anime if I realise it's bad early on.

For many anime, I watched them many years before changing my rating system, if I don't remember well enough how it went or what I thought, I do not provide a rating and thus, I left many anime unrated because I don't remember them well enough. 

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HikenNoAsxce Dec 13, 2021

Agreed the wholesomeness can overshadow other elements of the story

Kaz88 Apr 16, 2021

Wow. Thanks for being understanding about my point of view.  I really didn't mean to rant at you or be rude, so I was hoping you wouldn't take offence. I had a look at your new rating system, i think its great. Sorry that it must be a bit of a pain to alter your pre-existing rating though. 

Kaz88 Apr 12, 2021

I wasn't going to say anything but it's honestly bothering me.  I don't understand why you can't just give animes the rating you think they deserve instead of giving false ratings to try to alter the collective ratings to closer match your own personal opinion? Why is your personal opinion of an animes rating correct and the collectives wrong and therefore you need to give false data to try and correct this? Why does your opinion matter more than every other uses on this site? Dont you think thats wrong and extremely egotistical? This is a website with thousands of people, with thousands of opinions and they should all get an equal amount of consideration, hence my use of 'collective'.  Obviously I have no control over what you chose to do but maybe consider ditching your 'rating system' and being honest instead? Just a thought. Sorry for the rant, feel free to ignore. 

BlackCatLef Dec 28, 2020

Yeah, exactly, it was kinda like a B-movie or something, and then the writer (like most of them usually do) decides to turn it around into something serious with deep meanings and shit, it could not have backfired more.

empresssakura565 Nov 16, 2020

stop eating meat