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Halex Feb 2, 2021

Gintama Thumbs Up

Enjoy your ride!

Halex Jan 16, 2021

Hi StellaBlue, so for Gintama, the release order is the recommended order. They are mostly short stories 1-2 episodes some up to 4-6 episodes but it's rare. Some characters are recurring and the jokes build upon what happened to them in the past, hence the reason release order is recommended.

I'm still stuck in the first season, so I haven't created a guide. I think all episodes are worth watching so far. It has a slow start, it only started to get consistently good around episode 15 if I remember correctly, but it's indeed one of the best comedy shows that I have seen so far. Some stories do have really dramatic moments, but they always manage to end it on a high note somehow.

The animation is excellent, not what you usually expect from a comedy show.

beiri0x Dec 10, 2020

solid anime list

StellaBlue Mar 18, 2019

wowwww i realizd i watched MushiShi seasons out of order.

Halex Mar 2, 2019

Hi, regarding "I saw Mizgumo Monmon on your list and was wondering if you know where to watch it? I can't find it anywhere :( (that and a few other Ghibli shorts)"

Per AnimePlanet Rules, we cannot link directly to any anime sites, but I'm sure if you look online you'll find it eventually. Good luck!