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Waaaassup everyone

jk (but not really). say hi :)


  here goes ...

So I'm originally from Central America, and believe it or not, anime was a regualr thing on our local tv. I grew up watching it, mostly spanish dubs. Some of my childhood animes included Speed Racer (major thorwback), of course Dragonball/Z & Sailor Moon, a few movies like Little Nemo & Kiki's Delivery Service, and Caballeros Del Zodiaco aka - Saint Seiya. Fun fact, I just learned the anime was called Saint Seiya, I only knew it by the spanish title lol.

I fell off of anime during my teen years but got right back into in in college through Miyazaki's films. Now, I don't think I could ever stop watching it. I make time for it, I swear it's so good for my mental health. I don't have a particular genre that I favor, I'll give any of them a try. I never got into manga but lately I feel it's been calling to me. I don't know anything about it or where to start so if you have any recommendations or advice for someone looking to get into it please share.


here are a few of my faves ...




and a few of my top anime movies ...





oh and let me just

real quick ...

♥ Hayao Miyazaki -- heeeee's back. new movies this year let's gooo
♥ Isao Takahata -- *RIP legend*
♥ Mamoru Hosoda
♥ Masaaki Yuasa
♥ Makoto Shinkai -- still haven't seen Weathering With You :(( someone go with me



 also, i have a thing for anime memes jijijiji.



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StellaBlue Mar 18, 2019

wowwww i realizd i watched MushiShi seasons out of order.

Halex Mar 2, 2019

Hi, regarding "I saw Mizgumo Monmon on your list and was wondering if you know where to watch it? I can't find it anywhere :( (that and a few other Ghibli shorts)"

Per AnimePlanet Rules, we cannot link directly to any anime sites, but I'm sure if you look online you'll find it eventually. Good luck!