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why I dropped you: seasonal anime

I drop seasonal anime more readily than completed stuff
1 Kemurikusa


the sci-fi world is intriguing enough but the characters are too insufferable. I often moan about shitty costumes for action heroines but the MC in this one has a really neat design: a good-looking outfit that allows free movement

2 Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

when I heard 'dark fantasy' I thought 'Berserk, Claymore, Made in Abyss...' and got quite excited. sadly, this is unapologetically mediocre and the dialogue is painfully boring

3 Sono Toki, Kanojo wa.

Sono Toki, Kanojo wa.

this is like a soap: person A is sulking because person B is looking at them funny, person B is sulking because person A didn't guess what they wanted without them saying it. fascinating stuff

4 Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary

Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary

I hated the character designs and how tropey it was. shame

5 100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams

100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams

intensely mediocre. Avi's sword looks really stupid. once I noticed how the MC just stands there until sm1 pulls her away or shouts 'you should run now', the show became funny

6 Angels of Death

Angels of Death

very sharp edge. I like though how it's immediately apparent this is a game adaptation

7 Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion

Angolmois: Record of Mongol Invasion


wow, a historical anime that's NOT about Oda Nobunaga! I was pretty invested until I realised they made the only female character 16, because it's very important to go up and down her naked body, instead of having an interesting character, some1 who has as much life experience as the MC and, even misguidedly, could rival him intelectually on strategy, for ex: he has experience in large-scale military operations but she knows the geography of the island like the back of her hand and is good at limited-resource management (if your answer is 'shut up and deal with it, she gets development' - get in line)

8 Chio's School Road

Chio's School Road


great premise but the execution is lacklustre. Asobi Asobase is better

9 Hanebado!



a good sports anime would have been great, especially since: 1. badminton is awesome! 2. good, non-fanservice sports anime with female leads can be counted on 1 hand, making this all the more disappointing. 

it's so overdramatic from the get go, to keep raising tension everyone will have to burst into tears and sweat non-stop by the end. it looks like some1 watched a few sports anime and took meticulous notes without getting the point:

1. take everything too seriously, a sense of perspective is for loosers

2. sport is not for fun, go to the nationals or go home

3. raw talent vs hard work as the only possible narrative

4. boohoo my secret backstory so sad

5. schoolgirls therefore perv jokes

sadly this formula doesn't go down so well when the characters are shit and formulaic too

10 Holmes of Kyoto

Holmes of Kyoto


they really beat you over the head with the Holmes gimmick. the MC is annoying but a drop of humanness was added at the end when it was revealed what she did. making silly impulsive decisions is the prerogative of teenagers and making them feel safe is the responsibility of adults. quite boring overall though

11 Late Night! The Genius Bakabon

Late Night! The Genius Bakabon


the pacing's all wrong. most of this show is dull, lenghty proze so I ended up tapping my foot waiting for the punchlines to come around

12 Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation

Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation


I checked this out on the strength of its cover art but the episode itself looked quite shit. for me to enjoy these supernatural detective teamwork shows, there are 2 elements I need:

1. detective MCs usually have a quirk of some kind but it must not feel like a tacked on USP. equally crucial is their chemistry with the sidekick

2. the magic system/ rules of the supernatural world must be consistent. NO ASS PULLS 

13 Phantom in the Twilight

Phantom in the Twilight


oh my stars, an interesting harem MC. she actually reacts, acts and is proactive, to danger for example, you know, like a human would. sadly, the bishis are a bit shit

14 Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight


this has all the Kunihiko Ikuhara visual calling cards but they don't seem to be in the service of any themes. what do I mean? for ex: when I 1st watched Utena, and I saw the slap in that 1st episode, it was so shocking, and every interaction between characters served such a clear purpose, that I immediately understood 'this anime has themes, m*f*ing THEMES'. watching the 1st ep of Revue Starlight all I think is: this looks pretty, oh and there's the 'mysterious childhood friend comeback' cliche.

maybe it is unfair to judge Tomohiro Furukawa through Ikuhara's lens, he's his own person and has his own vision, even though he's paying homage to Ikuhara. but when deciding what seasonal anime to keep watching, I can only judge based on what an episode shows me and tells me

15 Sirius the Jaeger

Sirius the Jaeger


the character designs are overdesigned and all over the place, are they supposed to be congruous with the anime's time period or not? that's a minor gripe, the overall art style is nice and I enjoyed all the cool vampire fights. then they introduced a cute small child character. WHYYY?! *howls at the moon* then they introduced the secret evil sibling who makes a comeback. as recently as the previous anime season Space Battleship Tiramisu parodied this exact plot cliche

16 Starlight Promises

Starlight Promises

what's that coming over the hill? it's the plot and twist that are so obvious they can be seen from miles away. I had to drop it at the point where the girl walks in on the boy changing and does the standard anime 'blush and overreact' and that's played as FUNNY

17 The Thousand Musketeers

The Thousand Musketeers


so in Touken Rambu: Hanamaru we had bishi swords and in Senjuushi we have bishi antique guns. they are practically the same show but Touken Rambu had more flair and the dialogue wasn't as stilted when introducing the procession of characters

18 Crossing Time

Crossing Time


Tsurezure Children exists and is miles better, so there's no need for me to watch this

19 Devils' Line

Devils' Line


this was bad in an entertaining way for quite some time, you can point at it and laugh at how similar to Twilight it is, I guess, but it wasn't enough to carry the show to the end (I had dropped the manga as well and it was better too)

credit where it's due: even though the 2 main characters are cringey stereotypes, they do talk to each other, explaining their perspectives to clear misunderstandings and looking for solutions to their issues, you know, like real people in a relationship would. and in a romance anime that's outright miraculous 

20 Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan

Dragon Pilot: Hisone & Masotan


ah, if only this anime would have kept my interest on the strength of its art and designs alone (which are delightful), but I don't care about gif potential and would rather watch an ugly anime that says something I haven't heard before. this basically starts the same way as Gunbuster, or every mecha anime thereafter: hard-working, eager candidate is passed over for a at-first-glance-useless-but-ultimately-chosen-one main character zzzzzzz, queue pervy 'jokes' about revealing uniforms zzzzzz and round and round we go

21 Frankenstein Family

Frankenstein Family


neat premise, but before I had a chance to care about any of the characters, the sad violins kicked in. it seems like a poor job either way because the characters came across as obnoxious. I did get an overwhelming craving for dim sum though

22 Gurazeni: Money Pitch

Gurazeni: Money Pitch


maybe I didn't appreciate this because I know fuck all about baseball, but I don't think you need to be familiar with the sport to appreciate a good sport anime. for ex: I'd never heard of karuta before Chihayafuru, and after Chihayafuru I vowed to learn Japanese so I could one day read the 100 poems. ditto the Slam Dunk phenomenon in Japan, with lots of people who didn't previously give a shit about basketball, taking it up after reading the manga. in conclusion: Gurazeni = meh

23 Love to Lie Angle

Love to Lie Angle


just sexy girl tropes, acting as the trope dictates they should

24 To Be Heroine

To Be Heroine


don't know, not feeling this series as much as the previous 1, I'm confused by all the tearjerking: the soppy childhood friend routine, really now?

25 Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku


wow this is about otaku, AND relationships. how relatable, it refers to stuff I do too. and that automatically makes it a good anime! except it doesn't. it treads water, the art and animation are bare-bones and nothing happens. I learned nothing. I got nothing out of it. I'd rather watch tumbleweeds be blown about

26 25-sai no Joshikousei

25-sai no Joshikousei


it's my own fault for hoping josei quasi-hentai would be any good. I deserve everything I got watching this. I'm a bad, bad girl. unlike the damsel in this snoozefest

27 B: The Beginning

B: The Beginning


it takes itself too seriously for a show whose every character and situation I have seen in other anime before. oh, and just fuck off with the female-only fanservice already. either have everyone bend over and wear crotch hugging clothes to work or off you fuck

28 Citrus



another 1 to toss into the pile of 'rapey gay anime that can't be bothered thinking up a credible premise, so rips off the tons of other rapey gay manga that couldn't be bothered either'.

I'm new to yuri and was hoping it's better than yaoi (a very low bar to set) but this anime taught me to know better




good art and designs wasted on this every-cliche teenage-mecha anime. they were falling over themselves to get the heroine out of her clothes within the 1st 5mins, so that if you're beyond the age when getting laid seems like a mystical dark art, you'll know to drop this anime because it's lame

30 Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens

Hakata Tonkotsu Ramens


many characters are doing many things, it's all happeing, but why should I care? 3 episodes in, I don't care about any of the characters or the world, as it's poorly presented/ explored

31 Hakumei and Mikochi

Hakumei and Mikochi


I was not charmed. also, I watch anime as relief after doing chores. watching someone else do chores boringly does nothing for me. please don't make me sad by comparing this to Made in Abyss. arigatou gozaimasu

32 Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san


I'm cute! I'm cute! I'm cuuuute!

and yet, empathy prevents me from enjoying others' frustration or suffering (same goes for Himouto! Umaru-chan). S&M jokes aside, I find Takagi's framing a bit creepy, like: I get that Nishikata fancies her because of how he reacts, there's no need for Jessica Rabbit stuff. also, it dragged on

33 Mameneko



there are better short-form cat anime out there. Mitchirineko happened in the same season

34 Record of Grancrest War

Record of Grancrest War


the cover art advertises this as an every-fantasy more preoccupied with fan-service than being any good, but I optimistically gave it a go anyway, and it punished me, by not being any good

35 Takunomi.



I'd rather take my chances in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where I'm the only fertile female left alive

36 Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden


luckily there were enough hair details and shirt creases to make watching this less of a drag. fuck precious, repetitive light novel adaptations

37 Working Buddies!

Working Buddies!


what kept me coming back was the premise: 2 guys try out a new job in each episode. but the tone it strikes is odd: there's not enough humour for it to be a comedy, so you just end up listening to very pedestrian conversations

dropped twice

38 Bonobono (2016)

Bonobono (2016)

I watch children's anime to learn Japanese, but the rudimentary dialogue bores me after a while

39 Maho-Yome



for hardcore fans, I guess. it wasn't amusing or charming

40 Sword Dynasty

Sword Dynasty


yep, it has swords in it

41 The Ancient Magus' Bride

The Ancient Magus' Bride


are we going to address the existence of in-world slavery at all? no? we're just going to make child-bride jokes and pass them off as romance? are we going to dangle the mystery of Chise's family in front of the audience to death? oh, ok then. (I bet her family members come back as magicians later because this story is just that unpredictable)


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DemonSeed Oct 13, 2018

Lol I wonder how some of you people even watch anime with how picky you can be. Your telling me you dropped Takagi-San which was one of the sweetest shows of the season because you couldn’t handle a bit of teenage teasing? Lol also “it’s dragged on” well it’s also in the name of the show. It’s literally what it’s about. You can’t get much more upfront than that. I’m cool with you not liking it but that’s a weird ass reason.

Stela Sep 18, 2018

Hi Anna! I think the manga is an adaptation of the same game :) 

AnnaSartin Sep 16, 2018

Angels of Death is a game adaption? I thought it was based on this manga:

BaQuene Sep 6, 2018

Dropping anime after 1-2 eps. Gj Like someone else said you have strange taste. Violet evergarden was very good, same with karakai Jouzou no Takagi-san.

Depravedmagi Aug 11, 2018

I think you should continue watching tenrou

Also, I made the right decision to drop senjuushi