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anime for older adults

grown-up characters and more complex themes; anime I appreciated as I got older because they had interesting things to say and food for thought, so this list leans towards the serious side, I guess
1 Aggretsuko (2016)

Aggretsuko (2016)

the very relatable frustrations of an office lady

2 Aggretsuko


3 Aggretsuko: We Wish You a Metal Christmas

Aggretsuko: We Wish You a Metal Christmas

4 Aggretsuko 2

Aggretsuko 2

5 Aggretsuko 3

Aggretsuko 3

spoilers for series 4

I didn't feel series 4 as much as the previous ones. I liked the 1st half where everyone finally accepts that Haida is shy and they just let him be. I didn't like the preposterous 2nd half. Since when is Aggretsuko about Retsuko kicking her boss n her boyfriend out of a skyscrapper window to their death? Or that Mission Impossible scene? Hwhy Netflix Hwhy?

6 Angel's Egg

Angel's Egg

symbolism for days

7 Appleseed Movie

Appleseed Movie

solid sci-fi concepts from the colossus Masamune Shirou

8 Appleseed: Ex Machina

Appleseed: Ex Machina

9 Back Street Girls -GOKUDOLS-

Back Street Girls -GOKUDOLS-

this alludes to so many themes: the sex/yakuza/idol industry connection; working conditions for idols; catering to fantasies; fans; gender, identity and gender role expectations... enjoy!

10 Barakamon


zero fanservice. this anime is close to perfection for me

11 Belladonna of Sadness

Belladonna of Sadness

the one which Osamu Tezuka was least involved with and therefore the one which sucks the least out of the Animerama Trilogy *runs away*

12 Berserk


the series is barely animated for the action to be of any interest but with outstanding music, dem cel-painted 90s backgrounds and a faithful adaptation of one of the best arcs in all of manga, this is bloody good. the perfect foil for older anime fans to moan about how 'they don't make them like this anymore'

13 Berserk: Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King

Berserk: Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King

what's that, the Golden Age arc again? oh, alright then

14 Berserk: Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey

Berserk: Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey

remember when Caska had dark skin? I swear she gets whiter with each iteration 

15 Berserk: Golden Age Arc III - The Advent

Berserk: Golden Age Arc III - The Advent

I too shed a single, manly tear for the last decent adaptation of Berserk

16 Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon

just another day at the office

17 Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

Black Lagoon: The Second Barrage

18 Castlevania


19 Castlevania Season 2

Castlevania Season 2

20 Castlevania Season 3

Castlevania Season 3

a fleeting but beautiful moment for players who bat for both sides. also character development blah blah whatever 

21 Castlevania Season 4

Castlevania Season 4

'just this once, everybody lives!' The Doctor. I guess that's one way to end a dark action fantasy

22 Claymore


23 Devilman: Crybaby

Devilman: Crybaby

my regulator Yuasa blew it out of the water again. if you can see past the sex and violence

24 Dorohedoro


25 Dororo (2019)

Dororo (2019)

a monster-of-the-week series with equal parts sweet-as sword fights and heart-wrenching human drama 

26 DOTA: Dragon's Blood

DOTA: Dragon's Blood

I like this. it's good fantasy. people be adventuring, people be grappling with morals, there be dragons, OMG THE MUSIC pump it straight to my veins

27 DOTA: Dragon's Blood 2nd Season

DOTA: Dragon's Blood 2nd Season

28 DOTA: Dragon's Blood 3rd Season

DOTA: Dragon's Blood 3rd Season

series 3: oh sorry, was series 2 not esoteric enough for you?

29 Doubutsu Tonarigumi

Doubutsu Tonarigumi

chilling wartime propaganda. of course they didn't animate a neighbour being reported and then carted off screaming by the authorities, never to be seen again

30 Ebichu


31 Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy

some out-there humour. just up my street. wtf was that ending, though?

32 Fate/Zero


gayer and better than that 'make an orderly queue for the D'/stay night. thanks Gen!

33 Fate/Zero 2

Fate/Zero 2

34 Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor

Franz Kafka's A Country Doctor

35 Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

36 Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

37 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex

38 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig

Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex 2nd Gig

the Major is finally allowed to wear bottoms

39 Giovanni's Island

Giovanni's Island

40 Girlish Number

Girlish Number

each character's priority is to put everyone else in their place. delightful interactions ensue

41 Golden Boy

Golden Boy

Kintarou goes on an odd-jobbing adventure around Japan after dropping out of uni

42 Gyo


yes, it's not like the manga, sob, sob. like Stephen King said: if you loved the book, it's still there for your perusal

43 Humanity Has Declined

Humanity Has Declined

Mediator-san is clever and cynical, a lady after my own heart. the episodes are shown in reverse chronological order

44 Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter

I'm never too old for an anime that has friendship and positivity coming out of its ears, but HxH is on this list because it has consistently good and nuanced characters; they carry the plot, not the other way round



46 In This Corner of the World

In This Corner of the World

47 Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade

the plot slowly unravels into what I think is the best finale in anime. the 'wolf howl' at the end is genius

48 Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood

Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood

I love reading reviews, opinions etc on anime to see how they compare to my own. while we were all watching the same Jouran, it transpired I was having the opposite experience to the opinions I was reading. I binge watched it and enjoyed it! it seems like people were saying both that the twists are predictable and that the anime didn't go in the direction they wanted it to -_-. there are 2 things that made it enjoyable for me:


1. I like the pacing.

ep.1 was the weakest for me because it looked like it might be the same old edgy premise that descends into cheese like Sirius the Jaeger or To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts but it improves from ep.2 when it starts making sense and again from ep.6 when the straightforward revenge plot is resolved. the creators have themes to explore and only 12 eps to do it, there's no time for crotch shots

2. I like the emotional core.

I like the characters and therefore the slow moments where they interact with each other. there's breathing room between fights to explore the themes and I was so immersed in the dialogue that I didn't stop to knit-pick the plot inconsistencies, of which there are some

I have opinions about the characters and this is my platform - SPOILERS FOR EVERYTHING

Sawa - the main message of the story - revenge is a waste of time and ultimately unsatisfactory; spend your time appreciating the little things and those you love, as you may die at any moment. that's why her death scene is so prolonged, she rushes home and tries to squeeze in as many happy memories with Asahi as she can, as only in that moment it fully dawns on her that her life is not to be squandered. death done well

Jin - the world of Jouran is a morally ambiguous one where life is very cheap and power is all that matters. Jin is a survivor, that's his whole point. the only freedom he carves for himself is to (not) kill people in defiance of his master. that's why his suicide is so dumb. for him to 'win' he must realise that his life is worthwhile too and keep living despite his past actions. I hope if there's a 2nd series it turns out he didn't kill himself, otherwise, death done badly

Makoto - just when I thought they presented the character well - you only find out he's not born a man when Jin humiliates him - they go and give the only trans character the tragic sexual/romantic obsession subplot. really original, thanks. and they were really determined to see this cliche to the end even though it doesn't make sense - he gives Sawa the way out, wanting her to live a quiet life but then does a 180 and says her living a quiet life does not fit his fantasy anymore. also, Makoto's transformation is a very feminine form, which to Makoto himself would be most monstruous and abominable but there is no precedent to this established with the other transformations. Makoto, you deserve better

Elena - she's great and her relationship with Sawa is great. I guess she's the closest thing to a comic relief character

Asahi - her struggle between the duty to avenge her parents and the suppressed realisation that she's better off without them is well presented, I thought. I don't like the blue eye bullshit at the end but I guess they have to set up something in case there's a 2nd series. Sawa's tribe are posited as the right way to live, they don't use their powers to impose utopia on anyone else, rather, they remove themselves from the equation by living in isolation. so Asahi ending up in the village is the true happy ending

Rinko - when you can't be bothered to give a character a personality so you give them a gimmick, like drinking. why does she pursue Sawa after Tokugawa is defeated? because revenge needs to be Sawa's undoing. miss plot device is worst character

49 KADO: The Right Answer - Ninovo

KADO: The Right Answer - Ninovo

KADO the series is a bit like Interstellar the film: an interesting, science-heavy plot unfolds, until the whole 'the power of love is stronger than science/logic' has a steaming piss all over it

50 Kaiba



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suggestion : akira, ergo proxy, texhnolyze, cowboy bebop, bubble gum crisis, venus wars, city hunter, some gundam (uc mostly), macross, blame, gasaraki, serial experiment lain, that should be a good binging :)

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I will be making top 10 inappropriate animes.

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wow something anyway this so good

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 I was looking for something like this, thanks!