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Lizzie707 May 26, 2019

I'm so sorry, I haven't logged in for a while just saw this comment!

Paradise Kiss is definitely one of my favorite manga. If you haven't read anything from Ai Yazawa, it's short and a good place to start. Complex relationships and gorgeous art.

What's your top pick?

AnnaSartin Apr 8, 2019

To be honest, Kemurikusa got a lot more interesting towards the end than I expected it to be. Yes, the male lead was annoying and yes, the tsundere was annoying. But wanting to know what was going on drove me onward and we do get to see exactly what happened to their ruined world and how Wakaba and the girls got into the position they are in.

cyans Mar 7, 2019

Oooops I'm almost fully a year late responding to your comment.. nice to meet you too :) ur dropped list has been making me lol

Bubbas Jan 6, 2019

Thank you :D I’ll let you know when the list is ready if you want to 

almostapeach Jan 6, 2019

You're welcome and thank you too😊 It's nice meeting you too Stela, I love your lists♥️