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Minai99 Jun 26, 2020

Hey, I just came across your profile, and I'm definitely gonna be checking out some of those "refreshingly different" anime! Thanks for making that list!

kataleptic Jun 21, 2020

HI Stela!

i also get anime here:

you might want to check it out...

as I found stuff that wasn't here or at MAL!


yokusei Jun 17, 2020

Oh never mind. Forgot I had many lists that are old with some spesific genre. 
hahhaha. Maybe u found some from there. Im glad I was for some help to u. Hoping to expand and grow the lists someday

yokusei Jun 17, 2020

Hey. Hehe thank you that made my day.

Ive been wanting to make a lesser known anime list and very old anime lists but Ive been lazy.

But glad you have searched my list and found them yourself

Oceanwithwaves Jun 5, 2020

Very true, I enjoyed the hell out of it. I'm planning to pick up the manga if I can get a physical copy of it.

As for Dororo, I really enjoyed that as well. The OP was amazing, the story was great and they made it so sad without it being cliche or boring. It was really refreshing despite being adapted from an old manga.