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Jet Aug 25, 2020

 You joined this year's challenge! I'll never be top1 now lol. Awesome. Used to compete with Chii, Sothis and AdriasSch many years ago, but they slack so much nowadays. It was one-sidedly obviously. But how else can one make themselves watch anime in this trite times :d I'm flattered, that you liked my ancient lists. Hoped to update my top last decade, but seems like a vapid dream. Stumbled over your lists last year, but didn't realize, you keep updating them all the time then. Tremedous work there! Helping so many ppl. I had no idea, lists can be used like that back in the day. You unearth some very curious gems, better check out your feed often.

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Jet Aug 24, 2020

  Hey. How come you aren't entering challenges anymore? The amount of stuff you clocked back in 18 was enormous.

sothis Jul 17, 2020

Hiya! Just dropping a quick note about a change to our featured custom list process. Ages ago we gave a handful of users the ability to self-feature lists, but now we have a more streamlined group of mods helping feature the lists, so for any new ones just drop a note in the thread and the lists can get quickly featured :) 

YurikoSakai Jul 5, 2020

Nice to meet you too and thanks for the follow :)

I think you should absolutely check out Slam Dunk 'cause it's one of the best spokon ever created, in my opinion. Other sports anime I recommend are: Diamond no Ace, Days, Hoshiai no Sora and Hikaru no Go (even though it's about a game.. just like Chihayafuru, it's a similar anime so not spokon at all but really enjoyable).

All of the anime above have excellent characters with nice developments, interesting situations and exciting games. I hope you'll check them out someday :)