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sothis Aug 9, 2017

Hi Stela,

Fantastic! Go ahead and drop me a profile comment once reasons are added and I'll change those over. I'll also give you the featured 'flag' at that point so that you can set new lists to 'everyone' - just make sure you've read the guidelines and keep personal tracking lists (anime I watched this year, my favorite manga, etc) to the default 'people visiting my profile'. If they're instead a ranked "best of" or a strange category list that's hard to find on A-P normally (combinations of tags, themes, etc) set those to everyone.

sothis Aug 9, 2017

Hi there Stela, your custom lists are familiar to me so I apologize if I've already contacted you about this/forgot - are you aware of the "featured custom list" thing on A-P? Basically if a list is some sort of ranked "best of" or an interesting category of series, with a recognizable title, list description, and (in the case of the "ranked" lists) a reason, even if brief, for why each one is in the list, it gets marked featured and can be seen in the anime/manga/character/people entries.

You have some great lists/subjects - was wondering if you planned on filling in the brief reason for the items in the lists? You have them for some already. If possible I'd love to mark your lists as featured :)



Jupeycat Apr 25, 2017

I saw your list on anime you can watch with a migraine and knew I had to follow you!