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Nicknames Nov 4, 2017

Thanks! Have a nice weekend you too ^^

Nicknames Nov 4, 2017

You should watch Death Parade (, mainly because I noticed you liked Death Billiards but you haven't watched the TV series yet

Nicknames Nov 3, 2017

Heya Stela, nice to meet you too! Yeah, my dropped list is low because I tend to finish what I start (though I'm a bit prone to stalling stuff and then finishing it months later). Also I try to pick what it might look like a good show (or at least a "so bad it's good" one) so I don't end up watching too much crap xD

Saddie Aug 26, 2017

Heeey, nice to meet u too! Have a good day ^^ 

sothis Aug 11, 2017

They can indeed, done! And, I gave you 'featured' status so that if you make any new lists, if they have reasons + meet the guidelines you can go ahead and change the privacy level to 'everyone' yourself. Thanks again! <3