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DylanDog Jun 2, 2018

Hey Stela,  If i could ask a kinda stupid question, maybe i'm not skiping something, but - i can't see any video here? Isn't this place to watch anima?! How to watch Megalobox ( i find in search bar tv show, but - still don't get it, how to start a episode )? Sorry for just asking these, i'm feeling very dumb at moment...

HusbandSlayerRami May 30, 2018

Hello, Stela. Nice to meet you too! Hope you're doing well ^^

kikidarko May 29, 2018

definitely! Psycho-Pass might be my favorite anime, if I could pick just one :)

kikidarko May 28, 2018

Hi Stela, same to you! I love your lists, one of the best things about AP are the lists, haha. Especially "refreshingly different". Have you ever heard of Fantastic Planet/La Planete Sauvage? Not exactly anime, since it's French-made, but you might enjoy it. Have a great day!