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Hello there, welcome to my profile! :)

My name is Agnes and I chose the name StarrkLover mainly because of my adoration for Coyote Starrk from Bleach ( the name Star(r)k being multifunctional, because it can also refer to my favorite family in the Game of Thrones series as well :) )

I've joined this fun site some time ago, due to my love for anime. When I was small, cartoons ( and video games ) took up most of my time. Animes weren't popular at that time where I live so I got into them much later - around the time when I started High School.

My first anime ever was Transformers Energon and I liked it very much, it was a whole new world. I then almost instantly switched from cartoons to anime ( other reasons being the bad quality of modern cartoons with a few notable exceptions such as Marvel and DC ones )
Shortly after that I got sucked into the world of anime and I started watching shows such as Yu-Gi-Oh! ( I still have my card collections ), Slayers, Cowboy Bebop, Rave Master etc.

Then over the years I got into more diverse genres and found myself watching more and more each day ( the record being watching 80 Bleach episodes with my cousin in 2 days XD )

I also enjoy drawing, I have a page on Deviantart:

My favorite animals are cats, I have two tomcats of my own :)

As I mentioned before I love video games as well, here's a portion of my favorite ones: Prince Of Persia, Devil May Cry, God Of War, Uncharted, Prey, Skyrim, Fallout, Dragon Age, Dead Rising, Yakuza, God Hand, Saints Row, Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Darksiders, Asura's Wrath, Castlevania, Mass Effect, No More Heroes, Tekken, Dead or Alive, Metal Gear Solid, Ninja Gaiden, Thief 3, Borderlands, F.E.A.R. , Condemned, Doom, Alien Isolation, The Evil Within, Shadows of the Damned, Silent Hill, Shadow of Mordor, Bayonetta, Wolfenstein, Shadow Warrior, League of Legends and so on :) ...I also have a collection of video games, which grows by the day :)

For a list of my favorite animes/characters refer to my page here on AP :)

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xXTheOutsiderXx Jan 7, 2016

Lol Thanks. Assuming Direct Control

duchessliz Jan 6, 2016

Comedy anime are just the best aren't they! xD And it's wonderful that you're also drawn to character driven anime! That's what I tend to love the most about anime ... when the characters completely and utterly captivate you!

It's kind of funny that we both hate Shoujo-ai/Yuri. I did try watching it ... twice, but didn't like either anime (one I ended up dropping and the other has been stuck in my stalled list for ... four years? I should just stick it in the drop list already lol). So it's a genre I tend to avoid. My most hated genre though is tragedy ... which is kind of ironic that I have favorite anime that have tragedy in them (even if it wasn't the main focus) but I still despise the genre. Mostly 'cause I hate to cry! T.T Tears of laughter are wonderful! But the heartwrenching sorrowful ones that tear me up are ones I outright avoid... -_-'

Hmm. That's an interesting way to watch ... I wonder why I never tried that? o.o

It's great! ;D And yeah the Straw Hat crew is fantastic! Zoro totally won me over though in Thriller Bark! He was soooo badass! He became one of my all time favorite characters for that!:D

Junjou and Sekaiichi really do (handle the couples so wonderfully, I mean)! I always question why it is that the romance in Yaoi is so much better ... I still can't figure it out! Doesn't stop my love for the genre though! ;D

I'm so jealous! I don't have any anime posters! The ones I want are always so expensive and I just can't force myself to pay thirty dollars! So jealous! T.T

... well the internet isn't a bad thing. That's my preferred way of watching. I buy them for when my internet goes out (which since I live in the mountains, it happens more often than I'd like ...) or if the power goes out (which also happens more often than I'd like due to trees falling down into power lines due to high winds or snow).

You sound like a cat expert to me! Animals usually love me, cats especially so I take high offense about the fact that my sisters cat hates me! T.T

It sounds good to me ... so much anime to watch that you have yet to fear running out! I some times feel like I've run out of good ones and the new season anime sometimes end up being all I watch besides re-watching... you're lucky! Take your time with them and savor them! You'll probably eventually find yourself in a rut though ... the best of us do!

duchessliz Dec 27, 2015

Happy Holidays to you too! :D

Lol. I tend to go through peoples custom lists as well ... it's always interesting. And thanks for the compliment! xD I like yours as well!

Action oriented isn't a bad thing ... action anime are fun to watch! If your favorites lean more toward that genre then it's probably just your preference. But taste changes all the time. I go through spurts where I'll only watch one genre like Sci-fi or Romance or Slice of Life or Mystery or Sports, but most of the time my taste is all over the place. Most people aren't like that. I think it's 'cause I'm the slightest bit scatterbrained lol

Ah. One Piece was my favorite for two and a half years before Akatsuki no Yona became my addiction. I love that series so much! Hak, Zeno, Yona, Jae-ha, Shin-ah, Ki-ja, Yoon, and Ao are just awesome characters! They have such incredibly developed characters! Especially Hak, Yona, Soo-Won, and Zeno (though his awesome development is more in the manga ...)! But I love OP too! Zoro's my favorite! ;D And Junjou Romantica was my favorite of the Yaoi genre for YEARS! I own the first two seasons and it's my most re-watched anime in my list. But, I fell in love with Onodera and Takano ... even more so than Usagi-san and Misaki. I love both, but Sekaiichi won me over with the whole ... past love/one true love thing. But I'm not surprised that Junjou Romantica is your favorite. It has far superior smexy moments than Sekaiichi! Plus, Usagi-san's voice is to die for! Makes you want to melt into a puddle of goo!

Aw that's adorable! Figgie's not like that though. She attacks my legs but never anyone elses. She lets my sister and niece pick her up and hold her but she won't let me get close to her unless 1. she's attacking my legs, or 2. she's sleeping. I can't pet her unless she's napping 'cause she won't let me. I think it's because she hates my dog Mokie... they don't get along and he follows me everywhere... -_-'

Aw. So lucky ... I don't even remember the anime that got me addicted to shounen-ai/yaoi. It was either Uraboku or Gravitation. I can't remember which one... I'm definitely putting X near the top of my list though!

duchessliz Dec 23, 2015

I did make a harem ... it's in my lists! xD

Ah, I made a list for my favorite anime too! But my top ten are Akatsuki no Yona, One Piece, Natsume Yuujinchou, Prince of Tennis, Gintama, Barakamon, Hikaru no Go, Haikyuu, Mushishi, and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi.

Lol. I used to have a phone but it would stress me out when people would try and call me or text me constantly. It felt like I had a leash and I didn't like it.

True. But Figgie (my sisters cat) is a demon cat. She attacks my legs every time I walk by her. My sister says it's her being affectionate but her nails HURT!

Mmm. I believe X is in my want to watch list... so that's good to know! I'll bump it higher on priority! ;D

duchessliz Dec 19, 2015

lol. Maybe I should make my own anime harem ... I think I will ... when I'm not feeling so lazy! ;D 

You actually aren't the first person to tell me that they have a phone phobia too! I love that I'm not alone in my weirdness! xD

And cats are awesome ... mostly. I'm convinced my sisters cat is evil though ... -_-"

Yaoi is love ... Yaoi is life! :D And I read all kinds too, hard or light or even barely there! And, I'm so with you on the squee-ing at every sign of possible BL! This season had Owari no Seraph which has sent my yaoi fangirl senses into overdrive! Also, High School Star Musical has done the same ... and the second season of K! Even though none of them are actually yaoi ... the undertones just won't leave my overactive fangirl imagination alone! xD