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Dengeki Daisy

Dec 30, 2018

So I read some of this for Secret Santa and made through volume 8.

For a shoujo, it's actually pretty good and, despite using a lot of typical shoujo tropes, doesn't feel as forced or as midly creepy as most shoujo tend to. I couldn't entirely get into it because I'm not a fan of the demographic usually, and I got sidetracked with other things going on, but I didn't hate it. 

Teru is a very refreshing protagonist. She's actually capable of things, knows what she wants, and has a good amount of character development. She's held back by trauma but in a realistic way, and gradually learns how to cope with it and how to move on.

I wasn't a fan of Kurosaki, but at least he wanted to make sure Teru was okay with what he was doing and he genuinely cared about her and her wellbeing. I can see the age gap putting people off, but he's a nice guy. Could do without the jokes about him being a pervert/lolicon, even if they're harmless, but that's probably just me, lol.

Once the story got to the hacking stuff in volume 8, I started to lose interest. The first part of the manga had a lot of development, and I appreciated that the characters were actually talking about things and trying to address problems that in most shoujo wouldn't even be brought up until the last arc. But once certain things were resolved, I feel like it started to drag on. It's also not helped by the hacking side of things being extremely unrealistic and outdated -- although I'm aware that that's the least important part of the story in the end.

One of my main issues was that I couldn't find a character I liked enough to keep going, and to me, characters are the most important part of fiction. I liked Teru, but I still didn't get attached to her that much. 

If you're a fan of shoujo and romance you'll probably really like this, and I totally get why it has high ratings and why people enjoy it. It's not my thing, but if you can look past the inaccurate hacking parts, I'd definitely recommend it.

I think if I was in a different mindset I would've liked it more, maybe. Overall, it's not bad, it's just not for me. Still one of the better shoujos I've tried, though!

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