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CureMath Jun 6, 2019

If you exclusively "crossdress", that's just dressing. There's a difference between characters who crossdress (Hideyoshi crossdresses against his will) and characters who exclusively present as female. (Saki Mizushima). Saki shows clear gender dysphoria.

CureMath Jun 1, 2019

ask @trappychan_ from twitter. She'll tell you why Lukako, Hideri, Ferris, Astolfo, Chihiro, and Saki are trans girls. Ask @Emiko_Wisp too for Chihiro and @nonarygaming for Saki. oh, and as for the other characters, @trappychan_ will know for Kiyo-chan. Ask @Hontas_Farmer for Daruku and Jun. @HomuHomuOUO for Henri. Hourou Musuko is a trans story. Mogumo is very obviously non-binary. For why Rui and Haku are trans girls, ask @aetherlift. For Arashi, ask @starlightfesta. For Kuromaru, ask @CabbageCavern. For Grelle, she literally states that she wants a sex change. For Alice, she's pretty clearly a woman, constantly referring to herself as such. For Aoi Futaba, she's obviously a trans woman. Do I even need to explain Lily?

Halex Mar 21, 2019

Hi Starra, so I ended up adding all available shows to the Attack on Titan - Watching Guide including Chuugakkou as "optional". As I mention before, I'm not fond of this parody, but if you want to write something to explain why is worth watching I can add it to the list.

worknboy Sep 25, 2018

Thanks for giving me more anime/manga directions that I could not consume in my lifetime!

Rubyfan12 Sep 1, 2018

Well,I started to watch ai mai mii on Crunchyroll!