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jaz99 Nov 3, 2019

hi ,i'm new in this app, can someone tall me how can i read manga?

CureMath Aug 10, 2019

"because it was a shell" which of my comments are you referring to?

sothis Aug 6, 2019

Make sure to pop into the mod server sometime asap for some tag discussions

Jinger Jul 7, 2019

Hey i happen to see that you wanted to read 

<h1>Chongfei Manual (Light Novel)</h1>

and i found the complete story on by EnchantedNotes .

Hope you enjoy the story!

<h1> </h1> <h1> </h1>
Oceanwithwaves Jul 3, 2019

So wow, this is the first time I've encoutered another manga reader on the site. I'm probably way too obsessed with AOT. I have a little question: Do you think .... Is dead?