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I mean it's ok. I like how the main character is not really weak. 

The overall story is a 6. It's nice and i like how she's not a pushover and boy hungry. It's not bad to the point where i'd drop but it isn't a story where I count the days until the next chapter is released. I like how her cousin seems like there is more to him and also a "hidden villain." However, with all due respect, the plot isn't that surprising. It's really predictable. Also, with her abusive father and run away mother is really.. um.. "Wattpad." If you want something that will keep you on the toes then this isn't the manwha for you. 

The art is nice, it isn't hard to follow so i give it a 6 as well. 

For the characters, they really aren't that ... unique? I never read a story like this (history+fancy+nobles) where they add gay characters. I like how the main character is not homophobic sooooo that's good. 

Overall it's a solid 6/10. I've read many stories like this before and honestly it's pretty normal but with a pinch of special seasoning. (I'm trying to be nice so i don't hurt the authors feeling author if you're reading this I'm sorry but keep up the good work!)

5.5/10 story
5.4/10 art
4.5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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