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Honestly, this is a pretty good donghua. It's a comedy, kind of satirizing other shows of the same genre. It reminds of Mob Psycho in that an extremely overpowered character wants to hide how strong they are because they could destroy the world. 

However, where Mob Psycho succeeded is they know when to deliver on the promised action. This donghua kept raising the stakes, saying how strong our MC without ever giving us a good, long battle scene. I'm sorry, that finale doesn't cut it for me. While Mob Psycho S1 did pull the rug out from under us, they still delivered on kickass fighting scenes, letting us know that the MC is truly a force to be reckoned with. They didn't do that here.

On top of that, they never gave him a badass form. Mob has 100% form, which can look pretty intimidating. The MC in this show never really strayed from the humor, even when the show around him did. 

The two main characters are pretty good. The female main is a strong character that can fight on her own. She even has most of the fighting scenes. I would have liked to have seen more backstory, as there really wasn't any. However, almost none of the characters had back story so it wasn't based on her gender. I definitely felt that she fell in love with the MC too quickly though. He was also a pretty good character, although I wish he would have dropped the "I'm not strong schtick" at some point in the show. He only technically drops it in the last few episodes, and even then they don't equate that to him but to something else. I love that trope up to a point, but it definitely overstayed its welcome in this show to where it became annoying. 

Overall I thought it was a funny show however, you definitely have to watch it from the viewpoint that it's a comedy. Which is a little sad because they have the ability to make some amazing fight scenes. I do suggest watching it for the laughs, but if you want action move on to something else. 

3/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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