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BL Subtext

These aren't actually BL, but they sure do feel like it! To me, these have either: • Boy's Love as a Subplot • Non-BL with Two Male Leads • Stories not labeled as BL because serialized...


My favorite comedy/satire manga

Cooking Manga

My favorite cooking manga


My favorite series that revolve around cultivation and martial arts

Great Isekai and Regression

The criteria to add them to my list are: 1) they follow video game-style rules, 2) they have portals or towers, 3) the character regresses but must have some sort of fantastical setting, 4) I like them. note) any ones with a...

Historic Period Based

Manga based on a specific time period that at least some what accurately portray it and are also ones that I enjoyed

My Favorite Webtoons

Non-BL, those are in a different list.