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Well ok my name is...... I shall give you the freedom to choose my name, and I am from...... Well imagination land XD. As you can see I am a male and a 14 years old, my hobbies are ummm well basically any sport but not soccer( cause I am not very good at it lol). Well in my free time I watch anime and sometimes playing videogames. Ahem anyway I don't read Manga, basically because.... I don't know but I hate them, wait.. could it be because they are colorless!!╭(╯^╰)╮.....

Ahem lol well my favorite genres are well basically I watch every kind of anime but mostly I have been watching so many action!! Quite frankly, i only have been watching action lol so guys recommend me some anime i would really appreciate it!!!

Well my favorite anime although I didn't watch all of that great animes out there it would be!


This anime was awesome, i really liked it, when each episode ends, it makes me excited about what will happen next episode... i really like when animes do that!!!


2)Cowboy bebop

Oh yeah, i really liked it. It has a unique plot progression and not to mention the sad ending ;~;...


3)Hellsing ultimate

This anime was gory as fu.... ahem so many gore and blood spilling out and believe it or not it had sad moments too ;~;....


4)Soul eater

Soul eater is really awesome, but some people are bitching about the ending....... guys the ending made sense, sure not the greatest but it made sense!!!!

5) Black Lagoon

This anime is all about action oh yeah, really amazing!!! Not to mention one of fewest anime who has like 4 badass womens in one series XD...


Those are my favorites but there is a memorable anime i didnt put it on my favorites for some reason..... here goes...


Ahh the only reason i didnt put this in my favorites is because... that damn griffith and the sad/angry ending.. when the series finished i was like..... what in the world, fuck u griffith.... ahem lol but its still great...

Ahem thats it and i hope to get along with everybody, have a nice day!!!

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Kayla23400 Jan 30, 2015


If you love action you should watch Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion! Code Geass has two seasons of 25 episodes each and to me has one of the best endings!

Blue Exorcist also has a lot of action, but the ending to me was a little dumb. Don't get me wrong it is a great series.

BleachSta4Ever Dec 16, 2014

Kk bro I'll catch ya on the other side

BleachSta4Eva Dec 15, 2014

No, bro, I didn't forget about you. I thought you were meaning something else. ;) Anyways,  i share an account on the forum site with my bro. Its BleachSta. Love ya, bro! 

BleachSta4Ever Dec 15, 2014

Lol oh....do u mean the forum? Its BleachSta.....me and my sis share it