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Dagashi Kashi

Aug 12, 2019

Dagashi Kashi is a SoL-anime, that is based around traditional japanese snacks. Not the most interesting sounding premise right? But is there something that makes this pretty dull sounding show worth watching? Let's find out.

Review contains spoilers!


Our main character of this story, Kokonotsu Shikada wants to be a mangaka, but his father would like him to inherit the old-fashioned dagashi-shop he owns. But as you might have guessed Kokonotsu would rather pursue his own dreams. After this a random dagashi fanatic named Hotaru Shirade pops up to bring a message from her fater. He wants to merge this little dagashi-shop with his company cause apparently Kokonotsus father is famous in the dagashi industry. Kokonotsus father agrees to accept this offer if Hotaru manages to persuade Kokonotsu to inherit his job, and thus starts a journey that doesn't go anywhere.

I'm serious. After this initial setup for the plot I mentioned nothing really happens. Every episode contains two or three "skits" about some snack that is popular in Japan. Sometimes there's added fanservice, romantic undertones or comedy, but nothing else. Basically it's glorified advertisement in the form of an anime.

However it managed to keep me fairly entertained. Most of these snacks were unfamiliar to me, and I wanted to know more about them. Comedy was most of the time pretty ok and fanservice definitely didn't gave it any minus points.


Animation is basic good quality SoL-stuff. It doesn't do anything super well, but it's competent and does it's job.

Artstyle is also pretty basic stuff, however I gotta mention that the eyes in this show are pretty cool. Especially Hotarus.


OST is pretty bland and forgettable, but it does it's job in the context of anime. Opening song is actually fairly catchy. Ending is passable.

Voice acting is also your standard stuff. Not any mindbreakingly good performances here.


Characters in the show are pretty generic. Kokonotsu is your basic SoL boy MC, Hotaru is crazy dagashi-fanatic with big boobs, Saya is flat tsundere type of characters with some cool piercings and the best girl. Finally we have Tou who is goofball pervert, that is also Sayas brother.

There's also Kokonotsus dad You, who is hands down the funniest character in the show.

Even though these characters are pretty basic they get their job done. Since the main focus of the show seems to be snacks anyway I don't mind this solution at all.


Dagashi Kashi is pretty generic SoL anime that is centered around snacks like mentioned earlier. It probably keeps you entertained for it's 12 episodes, but doesn't leave any impact and you'll probably forget that you've even watched it after a year. But if you're looking for some relaxing slice of life anime this isn't the worst option out there.


4/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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