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I'm some random person from finland.

I used to be active on forums and such, but nowadays only check in every once in a while and keep this somewhat updated. If you somehow still remember me then cool!

If some of you for some reason want to keep in touch with me then your best bet is to follow me on MAL, Anilist or add me on Discord (SpiritOfCoffeeMug#1865). Links to those can be found down below.


Stuff I like:

-Anime (obviously)

-Manga and webtoons (obviously)

-Music (I like almost any genre. Most experienced in metal, rock, punk and retro-electronic stuff)

-Video games

-Visual Novels

-Collecting stuff

-Caffeine beverages



Sites I can be found on:







-Discord (tag can be found on top of the page)




Have some Japanese black metal:

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OkamiHime95 Dec 6, 2023

Glad you liked it! 

Thank you, and to you as well! :)

OkamiHime95 Dec 2, 2023

Hello. Just wanted to say that I'm very sorry for the "Shoujo-centric" recs. Since they were on your wtw, and it wasn't specified that you wanted different genre's (though correct me if I'm misunderstanding), I thought they would be ok to send. Plus they are favorites of mine that I'd recommend to practically anyone anyways.

Guess I will keep that in mind for future reference... :(

Well, happy holidays, and I apologize again. Next time I will try to be more diverse.

Thrawn Nov 18, 2023

I will send your comments and well wishes to Not-Thrawn, whomst still recognizes your baller taste.

KamiKuri Nov 17, 2023

I Hope you liked my little monster.

Ascendance of a bookworm! Nice! I wanted to watch it for a long time. Now I have a reason :3

Thank you for your recs (*^ω^*)

OkamiHime95 Nov 17, 2023

Thank you for the recs! I'm very excited about all of them! :D

Hard to choose which to start first (lol), but I'll let you know what I think of them once I finish watching them. :)

I'm going to wait until everyone gets their Secret Santa recs as well.