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Ie Naki Ko Remi

May 3, 2021

This was a show I avoided at first because I thought it might be too giddy and happy-go-lucky since it's about a super optimistic street performer girl having adventures. But BOY was I totally wrong.

STORY World Masterpiece Theatre strikes again with a tale about an orphan that'll bring you both great times and tears. In this series we follow Remi as her life changes day to day - things get progressively more challenging, but amidst it all she sticks with her ever positive mentality and "moving forward" attitude. I refrain from going into much detail on the actual story itself to save the twists it takes for when you watch this series - because you ARE going to watch this series now, aren't you? You must....

ANIMATION The old style of Nippon Animation is my all time favorite, and it is my goal watch everything they've made before the 2000s. It has a Studio Ghibli vibe to it from the simple eyes to long eye brows, thick locks of hair, and large foreheads. It's in a way more realistic in portraying body types than lots of the character designs I see being used nowadays. Nippon's faces are especially varied and characteristic to each individual's personality which I loved! This handmade quality can't be beat, it's nostalgic, it's beautiful, and even if you resist it I plead you give it the chance to grow on you!

CHARACTERS Remi sparks so much motivation in me to be more selfless, to work my hardest, and above all bleed optimism from all of my being like she does. Her bright outlook on life literally effects everyone around her in such lifechanging ways. She's one diehard girl for being what, 8-10 years old?! An excellent role model for any children* watching. Mr. Vitalis, the old street performer she ends up accompanying, is another wholesome figure and acts as the father Remi never had herself. He travels with multiple animals, but most prevalent are his intelligent dog Capi and the star of the troupe, monkey Joli-Coeur. (Tbh monkies scare me sometimes, but his design and character were actually very cute haha!)

*This show isn't marked Family Friendly for a reason. There's occasional blood, though it's not seen in the camera for long.This show also deals with some real tough themes (death, child labor/abuse). Nothing super extreme or horrifying though by any means.

OVERALL This series shows some tough themes I feel modern children's shows would never try dealing with since we live in such a sensitive society. But it's full of excellent lessons on life, history, and moral behavior that your kids could really benefit from if they also have a little guts - even if they can handle its seriousnes they'll still probably cry from the drama of it all, though. What can I say, I as a 20 yearold I cried hard at some points too! I never expected to be so touched by this series, enthrilled and engrossed in it, and so it now joins a place on my shelf of anime that were truly worth my lifespan... So pease, give this ~masterpiece~ some renewed love and I promise you won't regret it! 

9/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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