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The Morose Mononokean

Oct 18, 2020

Note: review based on both seasons! No spoils~☆

There are plenty of critical reviews about this show - it's a stereotypical story with a character duo that been used a thousand times - but I'll tell you that this series was still very enjoyable! Yes, the mc is cliché as vanilla ice cream, but his mannerisms and the gradual overcoming of his fear of yokai were really fun to watch. He's just a thoughtful emotional bean like any one of us, with his own family issues like most too. His partner/boss is just hot and cool, and is always trying to shoulder tough times on his own. This ain't any new personality concept, but I still loved seeing him warm up to our 5 year-old of a mc! As far as I'm concerned, the whole side adventures of sending yokai to the Underworld were secondary to these two high schooler's friendship development. That isn't to say I didn't enjoy these stories - many of them were touching or plain stupid, fantastic. Some even offered up some danger, which furthered my intrigue with the series! Each episode picks up where the last left off, making for a relaxing pace that was easy to follow.

Season two didn't disappoint in the least - it's honestly even greater than the first! So much is revealed, while hints to bigget mysteries are thrown in our face left and right. Things get more hazardous... there's lots for conflict... more hot guys are introduced - heck yeah! This brings me to the single, and most problematic, complaint I and so many others have regarding Morose Mononokean: it's simply incomplete. The depressing reality is a third season isn't expected at this point, and without one I wouldn't want to recommend anyone to watch this and then suffer never knowing the true ending of the story! You'll just get invested, then stabbed in the skull like me.

Verdict: Cliché yet well done in terms of pacing, character development, and engagement. Watch with the knowledge that you'll need to pick up where the anime leaves off in the manga, and if you're ok with that it's totally worth it! ...shows like these make me cry because they are so good, and right when you get attached it ends! ;A;

7/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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