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If You Need A Good Laugh, Here It Is

Only anime that had me laughing out loud at 2am are allowed here.

Movies Worth Rewatching

Some obviously great movies and some hidden gems you should check out!! (Note: All Studio Ghibli films are on this list in spirit, but I'm assuming you've all already seen them so they needn't be mentioned!)

Old Anime Are Still Great

Everyone has seen DBZ, an older style anime, so why stop there? Here are other older titles that are worth checking out! Look past the lack of detail in the animation and admire the originality of the concepts and storylines.

Series Worth Your Lifespan

From action to slice of life, mecha to medieval, newb to crusty old weeb, there's something here for everyone in this compilation of gems! Let me save you the time of filtering through crappy shows - I have already payed that...