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Outlaw Star

Dec 2, 2018

Disclaimer: This is a spoiler-free review to help you guys decide whether or not you want to give Outlaw Star a go!
Outlaw Star is a well-thought anime, with good actions scenes, some character development and that typical 90's anime design many of us love. That being said, let's get to more specific details! 

  • Plot and characters

The plot is very meaningful and can stand up for itself without needing all the fanservice we get nowadays. It has 26 episodes and a good 10 or more are fillers, which may seem like a pain, I know, but hear me out! I see fillers as a subterfuge to get away from the plot. Ahh, that is not the case here! My advice is to just sit back and relax, enjoy the fillers, they're funny and sometimes silly, plus they carry a great deal of character development. Now, we have a wide range of personalities going on here: rebel Gene always picking up a fight, rational Jim who acts as the reason, strong Aisha and skilled Suzuka, their "loyal" sidekicks, Mel is a mystery ;)... A substancial plot with a strong set of characters, both heroes and villains will get on your nerves, make you feel sympathy for them... it's as I said, the plot is a solid network that won't break until the very end, when we get to know what's this big secret and the characters that live in this world will ceratinly leave an impact on you!

Made with a good pacing, you won't have a dull moment while watching this and a very important aspect that I have to highlight is: you truly understand the burocracies that come along, many times left in the shadow. Owning a ship, needing money, dealing with the law... they'll adress all those aspects in an efficient way that makes us feel closer to that reality without loosing the good pace of the story.

  • Animation and Sound

I absolutely love this opening! It's climbed all the way up my favourite openings XD As a matter of fact, the music on this show is top notch... just as we have the badass opening that always leaves me pumped and ready to let off steam, there's also a beautiful song that accompanies the sadder and deeper scenes. Music should work as building block, a support, and that's just what happens; neither it overlaps the plot and animation, nor it falls under their light.

Now, the animation is no big deal. If you come in here not liking the 90's visuals then you won't do well, logically we get broad shoulders, tiny waists and massive breasts, just as some strange lines that leave us wondering what they're supposed to be. But I don't need to say that, it's the 90's magic! I love it, I love the thick linning and cartoony look of this. Fits in perfectly with the genre and goes beyond- the attention to detail is worthy of praise, especially in the Galactic Leyline and all the ships.

Meaning this all adds up to...

A solid 8/10: Outlaw Star has left a positive mark on me as it's been my first experience with a sci-fi anime. Stand alone plot and characters with the 90's touch, a big thumbs-up to this world of Outlaws and Pirates!

8/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall

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FunkyTim Dec 2, 2018

You're making a very good point about the attention the show gives to all the mundane details of outlaw life. While we were watching the show, I didn't notice as much with everything else that was going on, but looking back, that was definitely a thing, and in my book, a plus. World building is always a good thing in my eyes. :)