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I'm just a film major who will watch about everthing within reason. I started watching anime when I was about in fifth grade with 'Sonic X' (about 3 times, 1 subbed), then got more serious the summer before 9th grade with subbed, so over 7 years. (Anybody who counts 'Avatar: The Last Airbender,' I grew up on it. I was six when it came out.)

My first subbed anime was recommendend to me by my brother after he finished it, "Shugo Chara," and I have since expanded. 

I prefer more dark-toned series but I am open to everything. 

I try to watch stuff not as entertainment, but more so to understand what I am getting myself into. Lately, I have been very interested in studio mentality; how a studio affects the works it puts out and any signature details they have. Directors are included in this.

Looked/Looking into: Satoshi Kon, KyoAni, Makoto Shinkai, Orange, Atsuki Ishizuka

I have a movie review channel on YouTube that covers anime, television, and movies (plus some other related material) that I mainly do because I want to specialize in editing and this keeps me on any editing software. 

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Epimondas Jun 8, 2020

If nothing else this discussion probably brings more attention to the cause though I'm not a fan of some who I feel strongly are doing wrong like the speak one, but the society at least here is trying and willing to adapt to improve.

Epimondas May 31, 2020

By format I meant like, an mmorpg, or like chat sites, other forums,and things like that.  It doesn't particularly matter to me either.  Additionally, I understand completely about the lingo issue and formal speech.  I'm often told I have two modes.  I communicate like a professor or a character from a teen movie.

Epimondas May 29, 2020

Any other formats you frequent?  I'm a bit surprised how much we might actually have in common and would appreciate a continued mutual exchange of banter.  Pardon my sloppy post, such interpersonal interaction is a bit challenging.