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The List of Terribleness

These are anime I was able to finish watching that only managed to get at most a single miserable star from me. These are in chronological order of when I saw them.
1 Sword for Truth

Sword for Truth

Appalling film. The plot is all over the place, introducing random things that go nowhere, and to top it off the main character is extremely dull.

As an example of said random things, about quarter of the way through the film, we have a scene where the main character rescues the princess during which a numerous amount of ninjas in red battle it out with some other ninjas in black.

Why? I have no idea.

Who are these ninjas in red? Who knows.

However, after the red ninjas win, they fight and beat some large man whom I think was the opposition leader after an 'intense' battle only for him to still be alive. What are the consequences of this? Oh nothing at all, we never see any of them again.


2 Psychic Wars

Psychic Wars

Now this is a film so bad it was funny, however it still makes my list because it's really awful. I enjoyed watching this for that reason, but I mean look at it! How could I give this more than I did!? 

However if you do want to watch something so horrendous and yet so hilarious then this is definitely the one for you.


3 Quiz Magic Academy: The Original Animation 2

Quiz Magic Academy: The Original Animation 2

The first one wasn't quite dreadful enough to make my list. This boring, unfunny show was.

It was extraordinarily dismal and generic. It had an 'ok' bit at the end involving the military type character but other than that, there was nothing else I could enjoy.


4 Rainy Cocoa

Rainy Cocoa


Terrible show, terrible 24 minutes spent, and get that bloody OP out of my face!


5 Makura no Danshi

Makura no Danshi

This was just a nothing show. Just a different guy each episode talking at you for a bit.

There was nothing redeeming here! This could just put you to sleep, although that might have been its intention.


6 Sleeping with Hinako

Sleeping with Hinako

Simply put, it's very boring. Literally just watching a girl sleep for 50 minutes bar a few moments where something happens,in the form of a dream or whatever.

If you want to fall asleep then sure you could try this, if you are also happy to risk boring yourself to death in the process.


7 Shitcom


Quite literally shit.


8 Rescue Me!

Rescue Me!

Bloody hell this was horrid. A bunch of awful 'what if' sex scenes and despicable characters.

I'll give an extra 0.001 points for the main character's hypothetical evil face as it was amusing, but that does not come anywhere near saving this pile of garbage from getting a pathetic 1/10.

Hang on? Why are they flapping like that? That's not how those work!


9 Mars of Destruction

Mars of Destruction

Extremely non sensical and poorly made. This is the perfect example of how to make action scenes unexiting. Bad sound composition, very slow scenes, and dead air.

There is just nothing redeeming about this OVA.


10 Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven

Tenkuu Danzai Skelter Heaven

This was really terrible, and it definitely earns its place as one of the lowest (if not the lowest) anime rated on this site.

Similar to Mars of Destruction in terms of quality; this show boasted terrible cgi giant squids as the main villain. They sort of sit there a bit whilst throwing tentacles at the our protagonist. There was also some weak romance subplot between the her and a pilot, but who cares. This OVA is awful.


11 Spectral Force

Spectral Force

I forgot to add this when I made the list and can't remember much about it. What I do remember was that it was a load of nonsense, probably.

Ah whatever, it's definitely shit probably, maybe.


12 Kennel Tokorozawa

Kennel Tokorozawa

Why does everyone in this show think it is normal for a dog to want to 'go out' with his owner?

Why do they tell her she should give her dog a chance?

Why does no one bat an eye when the dog and some sleazy old teacher battle it out over her?


13 Mujaki no Rakuen

Mujaki no Rakuen

This show is horrific. All the characters are elementary school level, but the main character is a very pervy 25 year old in a kid's body, and things get worse from there. He is also the only one aware of the 'situations' he finds himself in with some of the female characters. Oh and he is happy to let them happen.

Someone just had to pick this for the DAMC >:( !!


14 Kagaku na Yatsura

Kagaku na Yatsura

Arggh, why are they so enourmous! And why do they move like that!

Horrible! Although it was rather funny-bad.

This was very close to the H-border, I must say.


15 Tanjou: Debut

Tanjou: Debut

Tanjou Debut is bad. Really bad. Now I will give it some credit, the first episode had some funny-bad moments, so it's not a 1/10 pile of refuse, however it has nothing going for it other than that.

Look at it!

What is with their faces!?

What is with these character designs?

It all feels rushed, and then we have the second episode which has absolutely nothing to do with the first. The premise is that both episodes are actually acted by the main cast, the Debut refers to them making a debut on the screen which is what the opening credits hints at, but even so it is still a bunch of nonsense and barely elaborated on.


16 The Tyrant Falls In Love

The Tyrant Falls In Love

I really did not like this OVA. Now I should say that yaoi shows are not really for me, however this one was particularly bad. I could not like the two characters and the events that take place where undefendable.

Anyways, not for me.


17 Holy Knight

Holy Knight

This show was terrible. Incomprehensible plot, dreadful writing, unlikable characters, pointless main character, the list goes on.

Even the ecchi was bad, the plot just gets in the way, and whilst it tries to cram exposition in it also attempts to be a comedy. The way this thing was edited made it messy, nothing meshed.


18 Itsudatte My Santa!

Itsudatte My Santa!

Absolute nonsense pacing along with no sense for comedic timingto boot.

Both episodes have identical situations at the start, for comedic effect. That might work if it wasn't so unfunny.

Oh, it's also unbearably boring and feels like a 3 hour, slow film despite the runtime falling under an hour.

I liked how there was a preview to in the second episode...


19 Embracing Love: Cherished Spring

Embracing Love: Cherished Spring

Melodrama everywhere!

I struggled to get through this OVA, it was really boring. It is about a couple of actors in the adult film industry falling in love, getting upset over... something. Ok I know what the lead was getting in a huff over, I just didn't care I suppose.

Also, there is that one deplorable character that got away scott free, so that's good.


20 G-Taste (2010)

G-Taste (2010)

Think Makura no Danshi, only with women and far more erotic. 

A series of scenes where a different woman talks at you about some sort of fetish or eroticism and then 26 minutes pass and it ends leaving you wondering what you just watched and why you bothered. One of those shows where it might as well have been a hentai (let's ignore the fact there is indeed a hentai with that name, they are related).

There is a single scene where we do see two characters in the same shot a few times. It has that over Makura no Danshi I suppose.


21 Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi.

Kuro to Kin no Akanai Kagi.

On top of being very boring, poorly animated drekk this also features a main character falling in love with their brother in law that had tried to sexually assault them. Isn't that rather stupid? I think so.


22 The Asylum Session

The Asylum Session

A short film about... some stuff happening. It doesn't really manage to tell any sort of story effectively and comes off as extremely incoherent.

One of the most obvious negative aspects you will notice when watching this monstrosity is how horrendous the animation is. It's all done using rather poor 3d models that are sloppily animated. There are moments the models pull faces akin to a goblin, other times when the models look like they are being clicked and dragged about a bit to make them move.

Not worth any sort of watch except for the morbidly curious.


23 Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika

Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika

24 Hand Shakers

Hand Shakers

25 Fastest Finger First

Fastest Finger First

26 Zettai Junpaku: Mahou Shoujo

Zettai Junpaku: Mahou Shoujo

Kiruti made me watch this.


27 Utsu-Musume Sayuri

Utsu-Musume Sayuri

Kiruti also made me watch this.


28 Love Like Aliens

Love Like Aliens

29 C.L.A.Y.


30 Love Bites

Love Bites

31 Kokuhaku


32 Pinky


33 Gokiburi Taisou

Gokiburi Taisou

34 Naga Hamaraja

Naga Hamaraja

35 Shishido Journey

Shishido Journey

36 Onara Gorou

Onara Gorou

37 Dorei-ku: The Animation

Dorei-ku: The Animation

38 Calamity of a Zombie Girl

Calamity of a Zombie Girl

39 La-Veritta: Beat in Love

La-Veritta: Beat in Love

40 Kowasugimasu


41 MTV: Horny ID

MTV: Horny ID

No. 1/10

42 Legend of Lemnear

Legend of Lemnear


43 Darwin's Game

Darwin's Game

44 The Island of Giant Insects Movie

The Island of Giant Insects Movie

45 From the dolphin

From the dolphin

46 Ex-Arm




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