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RickGrimes Oct 9, 2017

Here is a random comment because there is no such thing as too much random-ness

FriendlyDemon Oct 3, 2017

Hi there!

So as you may or may not have heard, WECO is back! We (Rntt89FullmetalDragonFriendlyDemon) have decided to resurrect the club, and as a former greeter, we wanted to make sure you knew about it! It’s pretty different to how WECO originally was, as we explained in our forum thread (link here), but our core aim is still the same - to make sure every new member gets a warm welcome to the site!

We know you did some great work for the original WECO, so we’d love it if you could continue that work with us!

So listen to Gintoki and join us once again! Did I mention we have games?! :D

Thank you for reading and we look forward to working together with you!


Nyara Sep 10, 2017

heyy yeah I wanna go back to the chat but I don't know what to download ^^'

Laziness Aug 26, 2017

Che, ¿cuándo te vas a ver Los Simuladores?

Sianeka Aug 2, 2017

SpanglishJC says...  [RE: monthly RL anime club meetings] Sounds like you had a pretty good time then. That's quite a long time between meetings.

You'd be surprised; you can get used to watching anime that way! One or two episodes each month.  At first, it was difficult, but since all my RL anime clubs are this way, I soon adjusted to it. 

SpanglishJC says...  As for WECO I'll have to think about it. The marathon can be a pain when they run heh. I am also mulling over if I want to volunteer being some sort of mod on the site.    Uni is coming up in October, and I don't know how much time I will get. I'll let you know what I decide once I get back home.

I know - life can be pretty busy.  I'm juggling WECO with site mod stuff, and my job amongst all the other things I do.  That's why it can be hard to fit the marathon stuff in, but I love it, so I really try hard to make it all work.  WECO stuff has been especially hard lately since it has to be done every day for me (no days off) and the site has been getting 700-900 new members each day and "my" assignments have been 300+ names each day since half of my Greeters are out on hiatus.  I'm getting a bit desperate, which is why I asked if you can come back and help.

I figured if I could get a little help from a lot of Greeters, it would make a significant difference for me, while not asking too much from the Greeters.  That was my goal, anyway.

I'd love it if your schedule allows you to help.  If it doesn't, it doesn't though, and I understand.  I was hoping you'd reactivate after your exams in June a year ago, but it didn't work out.  Ill keep my fingers  crossed it might work out in the future.