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ScorpioVelvet Nov 16, 2017

Hey, pal!

Just dropped by to let you know I've finally got to watch Seconds today as it arrived in the mailbox. The film was good, yet had an interesting concept. There was some good acting (Rock Hudson being "the main" highlight) and fantastic cinematography, though I could have expected more as the film was over for which gotta say about the ending I wish I'd knew what happened next. It's also one of those films where it's like you have to watch it many times and understand it, too. My rating for Seconds is 4 out of 5 stars, which is good (I can say). I still think you may enjoy it a bit or so, depends on your taste in film. :)

That's all I wanted to say, hope things are going well so far this week. (Am happy to see you're finally watching Cowboy Bebop at last, when I had the chance to look at your "watching" list. How is the anime comin' so far?)

- ScorpioVelvet

ScorpioVelvet Nov 12, 2017

I see your point, amigo.

ScorpioVelvet Nov 12, 2017


I see. Glad to hear all is well as usual. :)

And just saw on the feed.

Still haven't watched Seconds yet, but will.

ScorpioVelvet Nov 12, 2017

Hey, man...

Just dropped by to let you know I've finished watching Monster Musume this week, cannot wait for next season to come. It was still so funny & sexy, am still trying to get into more new anime as for doing some art still. Hope all is going well for you this week.

- ScorpioVelvet

P.S. You should check out my extended likes on characters page sometime soon, I've got so many now. :D

Kiruti Oct 23, 2017

Something magical and sleepy to leave on the profile. I hope my rambling helps solve this tiny problem even though it's out of context on why I am typing this. While I'm typing this or why I was wasting your time. I just wanted to say....wait for it....wait for it..

 Hi :D